Jesse Langseth

The final results are in and we get a twist at the end.

 We are finally at the end of the road.  Nine have received their spots in the top twelve. Tonight, we have the eight more contestants competing for the last three spots. Will it be all girls? Will they break the normal mold and maybe put more guys in than girls? Is this just a sick twisted […]

Half Down, Half Left. What Will Happen Next?

And the results are in.  Who is moving on and who isn’t?  Just remember, whatever happens, it’s all your fault.  Once they finish the “How did they get here” montage, a group sing along of “Closer”, and another montage recapping last nights show, we finally get to start to find out who is going home.

Twelve more sing till I bleed from the ears.

This is going to be the most interesting night of Idol.  I say that only because Normund/Nick, whatever his name is going to be is on tonight. Last week, we got the first three of the twelve. Tonight we have another twelve perform the best that they think they can. Unfortunately, or fortunately only three […]