The final results are in and we get a twist at the end.

Anoop Desai courtesy of

Anoop Desai courtesy of

 We are finally at the end of the road.  Nine have received their spots in the top twelve. Tonight, we have the eight more contestants competing for the last three spots. Will it be all girls? Will they break the normal mold and maybe put more guys in than girls? Is this just a sick twisted game for the guys who will compete for nothing?  Let’s find out.

First up is Jesse Langseth with “Tell Me Something Good” from Rufus & Chaka Kahn. I thought she did a good job. Again, was it good enough? She’s first, so who knows what will happen, and since there is no voting, so I guess there is no need to put a prediction at the end.

Next is Matt Giraud with “Who’s Lovin You” from The Jackson 5. Talk about soul and feeling.  This kid has them both. I’m not feeling the scarf, but I just hate those scarves. Singing wise, this kid has some great control over his voice. I really would love to see this guy doing his thing behind the piano.

Megan Joy Corkrey is up with “Black Horse and the Cherry Tree” from KT Tunstall. I love this song, so it’s hard for me to say anything bad when it comes to it, but I did not love that performance. Seriously, you have a second chance to show you belong, and that’s what you do? With that said, I will go back and refer to the judges when they said they liked her even though it wasn’t a good vocal. I will actually agree with that. The song sucked, but she was fun and interesting.

Then, we have Von Smith singing “Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word” from Elton John. OK, the show started good and then took a bad turn. It wasn’t that great. It started really bad, and I don’t think it got much better as it went. Again, at this point, more than ever, you have to bring it and bring it hard core. I thought Von was awesome from the start, but that was not even close to being enough.

Jasmine Murry is up next with “Reflection” from Christina Aguilera. It wasn’t a bad performance. To take a line from Simon, it sounded a bit karaoke to me. Don’t get me wrong, it was fantastic compared to the last song, but I don’t know if I liked it enough.

After that we have Ricky Braddy singing “Superstitious” from Stevie Wonder. I loved Ricky from the first time I saw him. I still think he should have made it in the first round. He has a great voice, a great stage presence, and he looks great. I am a huge fan of the Braddy Bunch.

Next up, is the illustrious Tatiana Del Toro bellowing “Saving All My Love For You” From Whitney Houston. This girl is such a hot mess. Personality wise, I totally see her on top of a bell tower with a long range rifle. I can not deal with her voice and her laugh. The problem is, she is a really good singer. The problem is, as the judges pointed out, she has sung this song a few times, and she will never shut the hell up, so if she makes it through, I may cut my throat.

Finally, we have Anoop Desai with “My Prerogative” from Bobby Brown. How appropriate is it that Bobby follows Whitney tonight? This is totally art imitating life. I like Noop Dawg. He’s another I thought probably should have made it through in the first round. I think he absolutely deserves to be in the top twelve.

We will find out in a minute who the judges chose, however, if I were to choose, I would put through Matt, Ricky, and Anoop. I thought they were the best, and I thought they were the ones to deserve it the most. However, that would totally pad it for the guys, so they may want to put a girl or three through. If it was only the girls, I would put through all but Tatiana. Yes, I know, I’m playing favorites. But really, cut my throat.

Obviously, it’s not up to me, it’s up to the judges. In their great wisdom and years of musical experience, they chose Jasmine, Megan, Matt, and Anoop. So now we have the top thirteen. The judges throw a surprise at us and add an extra contestant. I honestly did not see that coming at all. I think that was a good decision, and I am looking forward to the coming weeks.

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