Busted! Tim Tebow’s “Controversial” Jesus GQ Photo Is Years Old!

It really is amazing how much controversy Tim Tebow stirs up when it comes to his religious beliefs. Add a shirtless photo of him with arms extended and legs crossed, and now people think he believes he is Jesus. That is exactly what has happened in the new issue of GQ Magazine’s Football issue. The […]

Elton John: “Jesus Was Gay”

Oh boy.  Wlton John is going to be ruffling some Christian feathers big time. In an interview with that magazine that comes free with your Sunday paper and your grandmother is the only one who reads it, Elton John did an interview where he said straight out, he thinks Jesus was gay. “I think Jesus […]

Katy Perry Loves….

Katy Perry Loves Jesus.  Glad it wasn’t Russell’s name that was tatted on her wrist.  Close call on that one.-Dr.FB

Madonna Dresses Up For Love & Kabbalah

   Madonna hasn’t gone off the deep end this time so everyone chill.  Madonna & her boytoy Jesus along with Seinfeld’s wife attended a costume party at the Kabbalah center in New York last night. It was the Jewish celebration of  Purim last night.  Did she raid Lourdes’s closet?  Because some of those clothes I […]

Quote Of The Moment-Jose Conseco On Madonna

How Often Does 20 Go into 50? Does It Matter? File Photo “When she is 80, what is she going to date — a guy who is 10-years-old? It’s getting crazy!”-Jose Conseco Jose was claiming last year Madonna wanted to have kids with him at one point for his genes.-Dr.FB