John Stamos

Video: Alicia Keys Joins Prince For 21 Nights In L.A. Watch Now!

  OK, if you haven’t been trying to get yourself to the Forum in L.A., which is already going to a be historic run of 21 Nights In L.A., where Prince has been performing his hits and many more through 3 shows already, he made you pay for it last night. Prince started performing “How […]

Behind The Scenes Of Glee Premiere Party

Glee had it’s season 2 premiere last night and our friends at FOX LA covered the event.  Check out interviews with Jane Lynch and John Stamos aka J-Sizzle aka “The Stamos” who will be a recurring guest star on the show.  It’s less than 2 weeks away.  Gleeks, are you ready?-Dr.FB

New Glee Season 2 Preview!

Here is more footage of Glee Season 2.  Much more than last time.   It includes guest stard Charice and John Stamos.  Which “Gleek” doesn’t have September 21st on lock yet?  Bad Gleek, bad.-Dr.FB P.S., every time I say the word “Gleek” I think of that Justice League Of America cartoon and the Wonder Twins pet.  […]