Video: Alicia Keys Joins Prince For 21 Nights In L.A. Watch Now!


OK, if you haven't been trying to get yourself to the Forum in L.A., which is already going to a be historic run of 21 Nights In L.A., where Prince has been performing his hits and many more through 3 shows already, he made you pay for it last night.

Prince started performing "How Come U Don't Call Me Anymore" at his piano while someone was being risen center stage.  The voice sounded before the lights went on her, but Miss Alicia Keys was singing the Prince song she covered while he played for her.

During the 2nd verse, which is what is posted above, Prince and Alicia turned the Prince classic into a duet.  How long will this video stay up though?  You may want to watch a few times just in case.  We love and respect Prince and we felt we needed to share this with you.  Hopefully, by not posting a full version (yet) it will be cool to keep up for now.

Prince said he had a big surprise in store for tonight.  All of No Doubt was there last night without Gwen Stefani.  Hmm.

Also at the show was Cuba Gooding Jr., Sheila E., John Stamos, Rosario Dawson, Glee's Lea Michele and at Thursday's show, Justin Timberlake, Magic Johnson and more.

L.A. and Hollywood's best are coming out to see the one and only, the Purple Icon, Prince.  We hear it's only going to get better.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Inglewood IS Feeling Good

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  1. Perfect, what a voice she has and they sing so well together. Thanks Doc!

  2. I really hope there will be a HD Concert Video from this 21 night Stay.

    You Know,….. A Nice Blu-Ray…………..

    I guess you can call me a dreamer too…….

    Musgrave – Chicago

  3. great job prince,where’s all that energy coming from? loving it.are u coming to columbus ga.soon? or 2 atl not far from me @ all.again age does your body good.

  4. her moving on his stage while he works her regular tool…….. ain’t that cool:)

  5. spectatcular. he looks so happy! real music. real musicians. DO IT P!

  6. Where was the aftershow? How do we find out about those? Did he announce from the stage like he used to do?

  7. Real Music & Real musicians…

  8. Thanks for sharing. Cool to see. Shoulda done the full song!

    Re the guest list. Timberlake? Hmmmm hope he’s apologised

  9. man this warms my heart. he looks so happy, and the music gives that away. great footage my’doc.

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