Boingy! Boingy! Kate Upton Lands On SI Swimsuit Cover…Kinda!

Kate Upton Photo: James Macari/SI

So 3 other supermodels and Barbi on the cover of the SI swimsuit issue wasn't enough! They made sure to have Kate Upton, who has been on the cover the previous 2 years, be on the back cover of the magazine. Nice save SI!

Not only is Kate featured there, they did her shoot in zero gravity. So Kate Upton. Zeo gravity. Boingy. Boingy! As you can see in the video above.

Kate Upton Photo: James Macari / Sports Illustrated

Keep it professional...Funkenberry. I....um...yea..gonna leave it there.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Yea...me trying to write professionally about Upton is like people not dancing to the latest Pharrell jam.-DocFB


You Got What I Need?!?!? Kate Upton, Snoop Dog, Biz Markie & Larry King Sing About “Hot Pockets”

Kate Upton & Snoop Dogg Photo: ABCNEWS.Go.Com

Kate Upton, Snoop Dogg, and Bow Wow sing about their love for "Hot Pockets to Biz Markie's "Just A Friend" with Biz Markie on it as well. Oh Lord!

They are battling about what makes "Hot Pockets" so good...but...oh what's the use? Just watch the video and you will get what it's about!

We have seen Upton scarf down an "In N Out" burger but a hot pocket???-DocFB

Diagnosis: If anyone says Kate has been having one too many hot pockets, we are gonna scrap!!!


Oh No! Too Sexy! Kate Upton Covers Vanity Fair’s 100th Anniversary Issue

Kate Upton Photo: Annie Leibovitz for Vanity Fair

Kate Upton was chosen as the cover girl for Vanity Fair's 100th anniversary issue with a photo shot by Annie Leibovitz.

Kate talked about not looking foreign enough for a modeling agency:

"I'm not going to name names, but one agency told me, 'You're too American, and everybody knows American women are lazy,"

"I was so offended! I've never been so offended!"

"I was like, 'You know that you're in America, right?' And it wasn't 'American models' - it was 'American women are lazy,' period! I feel like a lot of women would disagree with that. A lot!"

Ahh. Stupidity is everywhere. How a man has not tried to court the heck out of Kate and make her the one is beyond me as well.

Don't believe me? Enjoy the video above.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Nothing but L O V E for Kate.....


Behind The Scenes Of Kate Upton’s SI Antarctica Photo Shoot!

Kate Upton Photo: SI.com

Ahh. Having a hot summer? Here is Kate Upton to kind of cool you down. Her Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover took her to Antarctica and now you can take a look at some behind the scenes video.

Did she really say "Conditions are a little Antarctic-an?" Er...yea. she did.

Penguins were not the only ones who wanted a court-side seat for those shots!

For the behind the scenes video of Kate Upton, click here....


Kate Upton Dazzles At The Met

Kate Upton Photo: GettyImages.com

Kate Upton looked absolutely beautiful at The Met on Monday.

Beautiful. The theme though was Punk.

Is Kate's outfit Punk though?-DocFB

Diagnosis: #Punkdon'tcare


Photo Of The Moment: Kate Upton

Kate Upton Photo: INDPhoto.com

Our photo of the moment is of Kate Upton on the set of "The Other Woman" In New York City.

The movie also stars Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann and is a comedy.

The movie is set for release in 2014.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Overdressed....yet still sexy. People Magazine got it wrong!


Video: Fan Asks Kate Upton To Prom!

Kate Upton.  Photo: Terry Richardson For GQ Magazine

Jake Davidson made a video where he asks Kate Upton to go to promo with him. The video follows him while he gives reasons why Kate should go to prom with him.

He shaves, does push ups, showers, gets dressed up in his suit and tie and ends with getting down on one knee with roses and asking her to prom.

Good job man! Also, couldn't agree with you more about that Cat Daddy dance.-DocFB

Diagnosis: You get my eternal props if you get her to do the Cat Daddy dance at prom!


Kate Upton Is Thrilled To Be On The Swimsuit Cover 2 Years In A Row

Kate Upton  Photo: SI.com

Kate Upton is thrilled to be on the cover of SI's swimsuit cover 2 years in a row. I wonder if she would go back to Antarctica again to get the cover though.

"It was definitely the hardest shoot I've ever done. The best as well – Antarctica is one of the most beautiful place I've ever been to. But I'm from Florida, so it was pretty painful."

She's from Florida? Oh man.

Kate Upton Photo: SI.com

“Everything about the picture is perfect. The light, the background, the suit. It's different from what we've done in past years, and it was an exciting moment for us to have those photos work out."

"It was difficult. First of all, it's cold, even though we were there in summer. The wind chill was sub-zero – the elements are really working against you."

The first photo, Kate is just wearing body paint only.

The elements were working against her..and she still looked like that? Now I understand why so many females do not like her. Us. You know we have LOVE for Kate Upton.-DocFB

Diagnosis: My Antarctica....


Kate Upton Stuns As She Is SI Cover Girl For 2nd Straight Year!

Kate Upton Photo: SI.com

Kate Upton is not slowing down. At all. The beauty is on the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue for the 2nd straight year! All this at 20 years old. Dang!

She will appear on David Letterman on Monday to "officially" reveal the cover above. We are sure Dave will kiss her hand about 7 times and make one inappropriate comment as well.

Diagnosis: This woman is stunning.....who said curves were done? Pfft.