Keith Richards

Keith Richards Ready For Johnny Depp & 5th Pirates Of The Caribbean Movie

Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones all but made it clear that there will be a 5th “Pirates Of The Caribbean” movie and he is ready to star in it. In an interview with Absolute radio, Richards said they might be filming next year: “I’ve got the costume, and I’m waiting for the heads up, […]

Rolling Stones: “We Didn’t Play The Olympics Because Of Politics”

Many of London’s biggest acts performed at the Olympics last summer. Not the Rolling Stones. Keith Richards says they did not play them due to “politics” and they do not regret it. Richards spoke to Absolute Radio stating “Politics and other technical things” prevented the legendary band from playing. “I think there were basically there […]

Sheryl Crow Debuts New Album “100 Miles To Memphis” + Guitar Giveaway

Sheryl Crow’s new CD “100 Miles To Memphis debuted on Tuesday and Monday night she performed at the Ed Sullivan Theatre in New York covering “Sign Your Name” by Terence Trent D’Arby. Here is the full track list below: 100 Miles From Memphis Track Listing 1. “Our Love Is Fading” 2. “Eye to Eye” (featuring […]

Johnny Depp Pays Tribute To Keith Richards

Johnny Depp was at the Scream Awards to pay tribute to Keith Richards. Richards got the Rock Immortal award and we all know he deserves it. Keith looks like he died years ago but the guy still does rock. The show was taped on Saturday and will air on October 27th on Spike TV. Johnny […]