Jon Stewart To Host MusicCares Person Of The Year Event For Bruce Springsteen; Performers Announced

Bruce Springsteen & Jon Stewart Photo: Sacha Lecca

Jon Stewart has been tapped to host the MusicCares Person of The Year Tribute To Bruce Springsteen. Also announced is a bevvy of musical talent that will perform at the event.

The performers will be Alabama Shakes, Jackson Browne, Kenny Chesney, Ben Harper, Emmylou Harris,Faith Hill, Jim James, Elton John, Juanes, John Legend, Natalie Maines, Tim McGraw, Tom Morello, Mumford & Sons, Patti Smith, Mavis Staples, Sting, Eddie Vedder, and Neil Young.

Previous MusicCares Person Of The Year Awards have been given to Tony Bennett, Bono, Natalie Cole, Phil Collins, David Crosby, Neil Diamond, Gloria Estefan, Aretha Franklin, Don Henley, Billy Joel, Elton John, Quincy Jones, Paul McCartney, Luciano Pavarotti, Bonnie Raitt, Paul Simon, Sting, Barbra Streisand, James Taylor, Brian Wilson, Stevie Wonder, and Neil Young.

Proceeds from the annual Person of the Year tribute — now in its 23rd year — provide essential support for MusiCares, which ensures that music people have a place to turn in times of financial, medical, and personal need.

The event will take place Grammy Weekend on Friday, February 8th.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Who will sing "Thunder Road"?....


Taylor Swift Tops Billboards Biggest Earners List

Taylor Swift Grammys
Taylor Swift Grammys

Taylor Swift. Photo: GettyImages.com

Taylor Swift topped the Billboard Biggest Earners list, pulling in $35.7 million from album sales and songwriting royalties. She pulled in another $88.5 million from her "Speak Now" tour.

Who rounded out the top 10?  Click the continue reading button below;


Kesha Cleaning Up Well; Might Go Country

Kesha. Promotional Photo
Kesha. Promotional Photo

Kesha. Promotional Photo

Kesha. Promotional Photo

Kesha. Promotional Photo

Some new promotional photos of Kesha or Ke$ha if you prefer, have surfaced and she looks kind of good.

Good in the sense of not so dirty as she usually does where you think she may smell.

Kesh, who is from Nashville has stated she may do Country music in the future. 

"Wake up in the morning feeling like Kenny Chesney?"  Hmm.-Dr.FB


Video:Reba McEntire Covers Beyonce’s “If Were A Boy”?

What the what?

Sweet Lady Gaga for real.

Reba McEntire did an unplugged special and she covered Beyonce's "If I Were A Boy" and....it didn't suck but was just weird to see her covering it.

What's next?  Kenny Chesney covering "Single Ladies"?  Actually....I would LOVE to see that.  I am sure Kenny would dig it to.  Ha!

Check it out above and let me know what you think.-Dr.FB


Country Music Star Chely Wright Comes Out

Chely Wright. Promo Photo
Chely Wright. Promo Photo

Chely Wright. Promo Photo

A little over a week ago, when it was teased that there will be a star coming out of the closet, I bet if someone said it would be a country music star, they would all say Kenny Chesney. 

Well, they were wrong as it is "Single White Female" singer Chely Wright who is stating she is gay.  It is somewhat of a surprise, at least for me.  But at the same time, I am sure many of you are going Chely who? 

Chely will be on the Today show this Wednesday and L.A. local morning show Good Day L.A. has an interview with Chely that took place earlier but made an agreement not to air the segment til Thursday. 

It was not supposed to be revealed that she was coming out until Wednesday, but TMZ, who is not used to getting scooped, and was with the Sandra Bullock cover story last week, was not going to let it happen 2 weeks in a row and found out late Sunday it was Chely Wright.

Chely Wright was linked at one time to Brad Paisley.  I guess Single White Female seeks a Single White Female, right?-Dr.FB

Now, we have a feeling people in New York and L.A, big city folk so to speak, are not going to trip on this.  However, how will Middle America respond to the first ever "out" country star?-Dr.FB


Eminem Is Best Selling Artist Of The Decade

Eminem File Photo
Eminem File Photo

Eminem File Photo

It's rare when an artist tops The Beatles, but Eminem has done just that. Eminem has 2 cd's in the top 10 of that list.  The Beatles had the best selling CD of the Decade however.

Here is the top 10 list of artists and sales:

1. Eminem 32.2
2. The Beatles 30
3. Tim McGraw 24.6
4. Toby Keith 24.4
5. Britney Spears 22.9
6. Kenny Chesney 22
7. Linkin Park 21.4
8. Nelly 21.2
9. Creed 20.5
10. Jay-Z 20.3

Linken Park and Creed?  Seriously?  Hope none of you are NOT surprised by the amount of country artists who made the list as a majority of their fans buy the CD's instead of downloading the music for free.

So how many people will admit to buying Creed CD's?  Where you at?-Dr.FB


Exclusive! Just Added to Grammys: Sir Paul McCartney, Kanye West & T.I.



We just learned exclusively that Sir Paul McCartney, Kanye West, & T.I. have now been added to the list of performers for the 2009 Grammy Awards.  You are hearing this first, HERE, before anywhere else!

This comes from the same sources that broke earlier on Pitchfork.com that Radiohead has also been added.  We also broke weeks ago that Jennifer Hudson would be performing at the Grammys as well.  Check back later because we will have exclusive news on two other big stars being added to the list of performers for this years Grammy event.

The Grammys take place on Feb. 8th in Los Angeles at the Staple Center.  They also join Coldplay, Lil Wayne, Katy Perry, Kenny Chesney, The Jonas Brothers, Carrie Underwood and the before-mentioned Jennifer Hudson.  This year's Grammys are looking glamtastic and with Sir Paul McCartney in the mix, they just got fab.

Remember, Dr.Funkenberry.com has your exclusive Grammy news.-Dr.FB