Alec Baldwin Appears on Saturday Night Live As Airline Pilot

Alec Baldwin went on Saturday Night Live acting as Americans Airlines pilot Captain Steve Rogers.

As Captain Steve Rogers, he apologized to Alec Baldwin, and was very complimentary of himself....I mean Alec Baldwin..since he was Captain Steve Rogers.

In an episode that already featured a digital clip with host Katy Perry, Matt Damon, and Val Kilmer, Alec took the cake.

Seth Myers appeared to be fearful being a part of the skit on "Weekend Update" and we are not sure how good of an idea this is.

Alec has since deleted his Twitter account since getting kicked off a plane from Los Angeles to New York since playing "Words With Friends" on his Ipad and refusing to turn it off after being asked to by a flight attendant.

It seems like public opinion is not in Alec's favor and instead of letting it go, he appears on SNL to somewhat mock American Airlines.

I am still not sure where I stand on this, but was Alec smart to appear on Saturday Night Live and do the skit in the first place?-DocFB

Diagnosis:  Captain Stever Rogers Is Captain American Airlines?


Alec Baldwin Gets Kicked Off Flight For Cell Phone Video Game

The cell phone game "Words With Friends" can be very addicting. Just ask Alec Baldwin who was playing it while waiting for his flight to take off.

Alec was told by a flight attendant to turn off his Ipad and he became upset.  To me and from what I heard online, is that American Airlines was making a bigger deal out of it than it was.  However, this video footage from CNN that talks to passengers on the plane, Alec was in the wrong and inconsiderate.

Alec tweeted about the event and made it sound like American was out of line as well.  Former boxer, Oscar De La Hoya was on the flight with Alec as well.  Alec seems pissed in the video if anyone even remotely touches him.

I was feeling bad for Alec as I just heard from a friend how an attendant was rude on asking her to turn her iPod off.  Now, after watching this video, I am not sure who to believe.  The passengers did seem like it was Alec's fault and the way he was being escorted to another plane showed him somewhat angry without saying anything.

Who is in the wrong here?-DocFB

Diagnosis:  WWF is no longer about wrestling but Words With Friends


Green Day Lead Singer Thrown Off Flight For Baggy Pants

Billie Joe Armstrong. File Photo
Billie Joe Armstrong. File Photo

Billie Joe Armstrong. File Photo

It's not like he pulled a Gerard Depardieu n peed in the aisle of a plane but Billie Joe Armstrong, the lead singer of rock group Green Day was kicked off a flight from Oakland to Burbank for....get this...wearing baggy pants.

This is all according to an ABC producer who saw the whole thing go down.

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