Pet Shop Boys New Track “Vocal” Now Available For Download! #MusicMonday

Pet Shop Boys Promo Photo

"Vocal" the new track from the Pet Shop Boys is now available for download. The song is from their upcoming new album "Electric" which will be available July 16th on x2 recordings (Via Kobalt Label Services.)

You can download the song on iTunes HERE.

So far, the response of "Vocal" has been pretty positive by PSB fans.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Digging Neil's vocals on...well..."Vocal"....


PRINCE & Kobalt Make Marketing & Distribution Deal Official!

PRINCE Photo: Madison Dube NPG RECORDS 2013

PRINCE told us on the 1st day of the year that 2013 was going to be big. We are not even at the half-way point but PRINCE has just signed a deal with Kobalt Label Services (KLS) hours after his Billboard Award's performance with 3rdEyeGirl!

As part of a press release that was shared with Billboard first before other outlets, the deal states:

Under terms of the partnership, the singer/songwriter/musician/producer will release music by newly signed artists, as well as his own recordings and other Prince-produced material. KLS will provide marketing and distribution through its wholly owned global digital platform and network of physical distribution partners. According to a Kobalt spokesperson, details regarding the inaugural slate of releases under the new pact will be announced by Prince at a later date.

"This new venture gives Prince the flexibility and freedom he's always sought in a label partner,” Kobalt president Richard Sanders said in a press release announcing the partnership. “We're providing a high level of diverse services that will be particularly customized to his vision for each release, allowing the world to experience more music from Prince and his creative community.”

We first heard back in April of "Plectrum Electrum" a new record by 3rdEyeGirl that would feature PRINCE on one song and Hannah Ford-Welton singing lead on another song, leading us to assume the rest of the record, at that time, would be instrumental. Assuming.

The interesting and cool part of this deal with KLS is that it would feature the newly signed artists, along with his own material and other material that he has produced.

KLS is behind the distribution of the new Pet Shop Boys record, which is on their own x2 recordings, which we have featured on the site. KLS has done a good job of promoting that record and several others we have featured on the site.

Congrats to PRINCE on the deal and we await the announcement of the inaugural slate of releases that PRINCE will provide at a later date.-DocFB

Diagnosis: So the truckload of FUNK ended up at KLS.....right?


Pet Shop Boys Release “Axis” (Boys Noize Remiz)

Pet Shop Boys Promo Photo

The Pet Shop Boys have released a remix of "Axis" (Boys Noize Remiz) which was given to mixmag as an exclusive.

Pet Shop Boys return in triumphant form with their new studio album 'Electric', the first to appear on their own label x2 (via Kobalt Label Services). The album is the first Pet Shop Boys studio album to be produced by Stuart Price.

'Electric' features nine tracks in total - eight brand new Pet Shop Boys' songs plus a cover of Bruce Springsteen's 'The Last To Die'. The result is as uncompromising a collection of dance anthems as Pet Shop Boys have ever made.

So far, the remix is getting mixed reviews from PSB fans.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Quite a busy clip.....