Country Music Star Pregnant!

Hillary Scott, lead singer of Lady Antebellum, is pregnant! The father is her husband, drummer Chris Tyrell.

She made the announcement like everyone else announces their pregnancy nowadays, and took to twitter;

"Chris & I are excited to announce that our Christmas gift has arrived a little early this year! We are having a BABY! We feel so blessed!!!"

Chris and Hillary met on the the road in 2010 while touring with Tim McGraw and were engaged over 4th of July weekend back in 2011.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Congrats to Hillary & Chris!!!


The Foo Fighters Strike Back!

Here is yet another reason why the Foo Fighters rule!

The Westboro Baptist Church tried to picket the Foo Fighters Kansas show a month in advance.  The Foo's knew about the picket and decided to fight back in their own way.

They went in disguise to where the picketers were and....performed in a pick up truck with music just for them.

Classic!  Check out the clip above.-DocFB

Diagnosis:  Keeping It Clean!  For Lady Gaga & Lady Antebellum


Lady Antebellum Perform “Just A Kiss” On Letterman

"Just A Kiss" is the latest from Lady Antebellum and they performed it on the Late Show With David Letterman. They are total pop country..and I am not saying that as a bad thing.

It was just over 10 years ago since pop country made it's pressence known with Shania Twain and Faith Hill along with a handfull of others. That being said, I dig the song. Just don't ever cover a Prince song ever again. Thank you.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis: They Didn't Mess This Thing Up


Lady Antebellum “Just A Kiss” Video Premiere: Just An Inception Or More?


Lady Antebellum, stick to doing original material like "Just A Kiss" and "I Need You" and your career will go far.  "Just A Kiss" is the latest from the country superstars and is from their upcoming CD "Own The Night" due September 13th.

"Own The Night" will be the groups 3rd CD.   I like videos with storylines, especially storylines that work.  Was it an "Inception" or was it just a dream?

Check out "Just A Kiss" and let us know what you think.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Hmmm


Video: Lady Antebellum Covers Prince’s “Kiss”

After performing "Just A Kiss" last night,  Lady Antebellum covered and performed "Kiss" by Princeat the Country Music Awards (CMT) I liked the girl singing it. Not sure if it should have been a duet.

We have been wondering if Prince likes Lady Antebellum because "Need You Now" was played several times before his 21 Night Stand shows at the Forum

Check out the performance above and see if they did Prince justice.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis: You Don't have To Watch.....Dukes Of Hazzard?


Eminem, Bruno Mars Tops List Of Grammy Nominees; Complete List


Eminem is nominated for 10 grammys and Bruno Mars is nominated for 8.

Lady Gaga, Lady Antebellum, and Jay-Z are nominated for 6. 

Kesha or Ke$ha, who dominated the charts this year left with no nominations.

The show will air on Feb. 13th and I sure hope it was better than the Grammy Nomination Special.  Bruno Mars was the only highlight last night.

We told you Eminem would get a grip of nominations but keep your eye on Bruno Mars and Bruno left with 8 nominations.

For a complete list of nominees, click HERE.


All Star Weekend Cover Lady Antebellum’s “Need You Know”

"Another Cup Of Green Tea...." Ha! With lyrics like that you know I dig "Need You Now" by Lady Antbellum.

2 Members of All Star Weekend have covered "Need You Know" and it's pretty cool.

Allstar Weekend's debut album Suddenly is in stores and on iTunes now for only $6.99.

They will also be performing with Demi Lavato this weekend at the Glendale Galleria which is sure to be teen madness.

Check out "Need You Now" above and let me know what you think.-Dr.FB