Late Night Wars

Kimmel Gets Free Justin Timberlake & Paul McCartney Concerts For Show!

The late night wars are heating up as Jimmy Kimmel has booked Paul McCartney and Justin Timberlake back to back to be on his show next week. Both concerts will shut down Hollywood Boulevard with McCartney’s show being on Monday, September 23rd and then Timberlake will follow with a performance on Tuesday, September 24th. McCartney […]

A Year Before Arsenio Is Set To Return, The Late Night Wars Heat Up!

Arsenio Hall is a year away from his late night return. Jimmy Kimmel was fine with his time slot of 12:00 A.M, a half hour before Leno and Letterman battle it out, where Leno has remained supreme after the Conan debacle. Starting in January 2013, Kimmell will be moving to 11:35 P.M. where he will […]

Video: Leno Strikes First

Jay Leno took to his monologue to talk about the rumors of him leaving. He hinted that Fox is nice this time of year and that NBC only cancells you when you are the number one show. That is an obvious dig at him being “forced” out of the 11:30 time slot last year. Check […]

Breaking News: Jay Leno Back to Late Night

We just learned that beginning February 1, 2010, Jay Leno will be taking back his old 11:30pm time slot on NBC. This is what Jay’s been hoping for all along as his 10pm show has not done well, and audiences don’t seem to be bonding with Conan’s Tonight Show. What’s unclear at this point is […]