Spencer Pratt: Brody Jenner Is On Crack!

Well, it did not take Spencer Pratt long to comment on Brody Jenner’s comments about Lauren Conrad being replaced by Kristin Cavallari. Bratt Pratt took to his Twitter account to go after Brody Jenner.  He said Brody is on crack and that Kristin owns Lauren Conrad.  He went on to say Twitter: “LC was the […]

Brody Jenner: Kristin Cavallari Will Never Replace Lauren Conrad

Is Kristin Cavallari heading to “The Hills?” If not, why is Brody Jenner protecting Lauren Conrad? Wonder how fast til we hear from Spencer Bratt Pratt? LC could never be replaced Brody says.  He was asked if anyone like Kristin could replace her and he said no way.  “Maybe Kristin would do a good job […]