Dev’s New Video “In The Dark” Copying Lady Gaga?


Wow.  Dev just released her new video "In The Dark" and some say she is jacking from Lady Gaga.  They say the hands are emulating Gaga's "Paws Up" gesture along with her getting close to another woman and almost kissing her.  Even the shades she wears are so-called Gaga-esque.

I'm not buying it.  First of all, the hands have a mind of their own as they cover Dev later in the video, quite sexily I might add.  Also, Gaga did not invent lesbian or bisexual moves in her video.  Neither did Madonna but if anyone could claim to bringing it to the forefront, she can. 

If Dev's voice sounds familiar to you, it should.  She sang the hook on Far East Movement's "Like A G6" and had a big hit with "Bass Down Low" late last year.

Lady Extravaganza is really too big where every female artist has to be compared to her or is copying her.  I don't see it that way in this video.  The question is...do you?-Dr.FB

Diagnosis: In The Dark On The Edge Of Glory

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  1. sorry, but Dev is better than Gaga. 🙂

  2. how the fuck is this rip off better than gaga? i could humm this song and sound better than her. what a POSERRRRRRR, Haaaaa.

  3. How is Dev better than Gaga? :/

  4. ._. Sinceramente Que copia de Lady Gaga y no solo porque tenga diferente nombre la cancion de DEV a la de Lady Gaga quiere decir QUE YA NO ES PLAGIO! DEV! PORFAVOR SE MAS INTELIGENTE Y NO INTENTES PARECERTE A ALGUIEN MAS QUE POR SUPUESTO ES MEJOR QUE TU 😉

  5. Dev’s song is IN THE DARK! not Dance In The Dark…. and Dev is better than Gaga…

  6. Don’t forget that Lady Gaga wrote a song called “Dance In The Dark”.
    People think she copied the chorus.

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