Did Boyz II Men Get Caught Lip Synching?

Oh boy. This is NOT good. Boyz II Men performed "This Christmas" last night for an NBC Christmas special. That part went fine. Or so we thought.

After they performed, Charice and David Foster were supposed to perform...until the Boyz "This Christmas" backing track came in....with vocals!

It went on for almost a minute while Charice and Foster stood by dumbfounded.

I have seen Boyz II Men in concert and they do not need to lip synch. However, what the heck happened last night?

Check out the clip above and let me know what you think. Not good BIIM.-Dr.FB


Video: Justin Bieber Lip Syncs(?) Medley At MTV Video Music Awards

Justin Bieber looks like he grew a foot from the last time I saw him. Puberty finally setting in?   These are questions we had after seeing Justin perform a medley of his hits at the MTV Video Music Awards

Justin looks like he was lip syncing (lip synching) his set.  I know his voice cannot sound the same from when he recorded the CD but it still must sound good.

We wonder...did he perform outside to avoid Chelsea Handler trying to rape him?  Oh come on! You so know she would.-Dr.FB


Britney Spears Leaves Boston Lukewarm

Britney Spears In Boston.  Photo: Matthew West
Britney Spears In Boston.  Photo: Matthew West

Britney Spears In Boston. Photo: Matthew West

Britney Spears performed at the Garden last night to somewhat mixed reviews.  To be fair, hard to compare her to Madonna.  Just because they made out doesn't mean the talent transferred. 

No so-called Va J J hanging out moment.  No "if You Seek Amy Being A Skank" moments. All she had was her voice lip synching and dance moves to pull her through. 

We love Britney but we have to call it as we see it.  We are sure by the time the L.A. shows roll around, her lip synching will be top notch.-Dr.FB