“Lost” Star Matthew Fox Detained By Police After Allegedly Beating Up Woman

Matthew Fox File Photo
Matthew Fox File Photo

Matthew Fox File Photo

"Lost" star Matthew Fox was detained by police over the weekend in Cleveland, Ohio for allegedly beating up a female bus driver.  The female bus driver, Heather Borman claims that Fox hit her in the chest and groin area.

It is being reported that Bormann was driving a private party bus for a private party when Fox tried to get on the bus and she told him to leave the bus.  Bormann says that Fox was too drunk to understand.

After Fox hit Bormann's crotch and breast, Borrman retaliated in self-defense, hitting Fox in the jaw where he started bleeding and tumbled backward.

Although Fox was detained by police, he was never formally arrested.  Borrman is meeting with prosecutors today and may press charges.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Party Of 5 To 10?


Weezer Debuts New Song; Gets “Lost” With New CD Cover

Weezer has released a new song entitled "Memories" and debuted the CD cover in the process. Fans of "Lost" should be pleased.

The title of the CD is "Hurley" so they are featuring the lost character Hurley as the CD cover in all his glory.  Hugo "Hurley" Reyes is played by the actor Jorge Garcia. 

No word if the video for "Memories" will feature a cameo by Hurley. 

I am digging the song.  It doesn't sound ground-breaking but it totally has that Rivers Cuomo Weezer feel to it and, sometimes, that's all you need.-Dr.FB


Lost Ends. So, Was It Worth it?


So, after 6 seasons, "Lost" went had it's series finale and for those who stuck with it, I want to know, did the last episode pay off?  Was it worth it?

I know several fans who after season 3, decided to get off "Lost" and just felt it was not worth it. 

So "Lost" fans, what did you think?-Dr.FB


Lost The Final Season Premiere


Did you all see the season premiere of "Lost" last night? 

What did you think?  Any more surprises you think are in store? 

Let us know!!!-Dr.FB


Matthew Perry To Join “Lost” Cast?

Matthew Perry To Get Lost?  File Photo

Matthew Perry To Get Lost?  File Photo

Is a "Friend" about to get "Lost"? 

We are hearing that Matthew Perry is going to be on 2 upcoming episodes of "Lost".  So far, no one has confirmed or denied this. 

The former Friends star is also in 17 Again with Zac Efron opening on Friday.-Dr.FB


“Lost” Josh Holloway & Wife Welcome Baby

"Lost" Josh Holloway's wife Yessica gave birth this weekeend.

Josh (aka Sawyer) & Yessica named the baby Java Kumala.

Congrats to the new parents.-Dr.FB