Make Me

Video: Janet Jackson On X Factor

Along with Lady Gaga, Janet Jackson performed on X Factor as well. Janet performed “All For You” & “Make Me” and it was much better than her American Music Awards performance and each performance will be better than the last as she gets into “game shape” as I said before. What do you think?-Dr.FB

Behind The Scenes With Janet Jackson For “Make Me”

Here is a clip of Janet Jackson filming the video for “Make Me” which will be featured in the interview with Robin Robinson for the Janet TV Special later this week, where she will talk about her brother Michael Jackson’s death and how she feels Dr. Conrad Murray is responsible for his death. For now, […]

Janet Jackson Flash Mob On Way To Promote #1’s CD

If you are going to be in the L.A. Area November 14th, join the Janet Jackson # 1’s Flash Mob. To find out, email, or It should be fun. Also, on November 18th, there will be a Janet Jackson special on ABC Television.  When we have more info on the special, I […]

Exclusive: Janet Jackson To Drop #1 Hits CD!

I have been waiting like a week to let you guys know about this Janet Jackson news!  I am hearing that Janet Jackson will be releasing a number 1 Hits CD with a brand new track called “Make Me” and we hear the track is hot! (You can hear it now at Fresh off […]