Video: Janet Jackson On X Factor

Along with Lady Gaga, Janet Jackson performed on X Factor as well.

Janet performed "All For You" & "Make Me" and it was much better than her American Music Awards performance and each performance will be better than the last as she gets into "game shape" as I said before.

What do you think?-Dr.FB

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  1. i dont remember the last time i saw her with cloths on. way to go JJ!

  2. I totally agree with u, DRFB. This performance was 100% better than the AMAs. The staging was excellent and Janet was always the center of attention.

  3. I agree with Controversy12 & NakedMuscl3. Janet looks more and more happier and relaxed on stage and seems 2 b very confident. I think she will be ok. @ douglas Why would U even say that?

  4. I love Janet! Always love to watch her perform, but I wish she would get away from the lip singing. And whats up with the tennis shoes I think she had some brown ones similiar to those on for the AMA’s. But overall like I said I love Janet and will always support her!

  5. I really liked this performance …. JANET looked so happy onstage … I wish her all the best.

  6. You know, Janet seemed to have come into her own this year. She seems fresher and very confident. I am so glad she is singing out and loud now.

  7. this is kind of a tribute to her brother MJ – no real singing involved

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