Mark Geragos

Rihanna’s Injuries Are Bad; 911 Call Not Made By Her

It is being reported that Rihanna’s injuries are worse than previously thought.  “Horrific”, reports Rihanna has major contusions on both sides of her face, swelling and bruising, they report. Also a split lip and bloody nose.  She was bit on her arm and her fingers.  WTF?  It’s Rihanna not KFC, Chris! No umbrella ella […]

Breaking News! Chris Brown Posts Bail; Court Date Set For March 5th

Updated News: Chris Brown has just posted bail and his court date has been set for March 5th, 2009. This happened within past 20 minutes. We do not know if the reports are true of Rihanna in the hospital for some serious damage to her face…..More news as it becomes available.-Dr.FB Updated: Mark Geragos, the first lawyer […]