Rachel McAdams Covers Glamour; Talks McDonalds

Rachel McAdams. Photo: Glamour Magazine

If you thought Rachel McAdams was too pretty to work at McDonald’s, you would be wrong. In the latest issue of Glamour, Rachel is on the cover and admits to working there. McAdams. McDonald’s. yea, I guess now, we kind of see it. The actress told Glamour about working there; Yeah, for a good three […]

Facebook: 750 Million & Growing

Wonder if Justin Timberlake and his Myspace peeps along with Google+ are about to do a spit check. On the news that just under 6 million people deleted their facebook page (Although you can’t really delete it) they announced they have over 750 million people with Facebook pages.  They are like the McDonald’s of the Social Networks…although […]

Video: Woman Goes McCrazy For McNuggets

Check out this security camera footage of a lady who went nuts because McDonalds would not serve her McNuggets because they were still serving breakfast. She fights with the employees and even breaks the drive-thru window!  All of this takes place in Toldeo, Ohio. The craziness starts at the 1:20 mark. Check it out!!!!! P.S. […]

McDonald’s France Gay Ad Causing Stir In America (Watch Now)

So a Mcdonald’s ad in France that is promoting diversity is creating a firestorm as Bill O’Reilly of Fox News is saying it is like inviting Muslim terrorists to a Royal with Cheese. He said the ad would never run in America. One has to wonder if Bill watches the logo network? What do you […]