L.A. Reid Playing Dirty On X Factor When It Comes To Simon Cowell

L.A. Reid & Simon Cowell. Photo: Sun.co
L.A. Reid & Simon Cowell. Photo: Sun.co

L.A. Reid & Simon Cowell. Photo: Sun.co

If L.A. Reid is trying to show that record executives are dirty, he is doing quite a job.  Reid is admitting he is trying to sabatoge the X Factor contestants that Simon Cowell is mentoring this season.

We are sure the story was planted but we know there is truth to it.  In my opinion. Simon and Nicole Sherzinger have the most talented contestestants to mentor.  Drew Ryniewicz & LeRoy Bell for starters.

Simon Cowell has been nothing but complimentary of Reid, saying he has him beat when it comes to finding talent.  Interesting how Babyface and others are not mentioned in the talent that Reid found.  Even taking credit for signing Justin Bieber when Usher and Justin Timberlake were both fighting to sign Bieber.  Where was Reid then?

Reid can play all the mind games and dirty tricks he wants to Simon and his contestants.  Drew ain't no fool.-DocFB

Diagnosis:  We Are Lovin' X Factor So Far......


The Anser Perform “Perfect” By Pink On X Factor

Pharrell was right. He needed the glasses. The Anser performed "Perfect" by Pink.

I am not sure it was that great and I am completely biased because I really like the song by Pink.

They were in harmony but it just didn't blow me away.  I do hope they make it to the next round because I feel they have potential.  They are lucky that the groups are lead by Paula Abdul.

Check out the clip above and let us know what you think.-DocFB

Diagnosis:  Less Than Perfect


Video~Kris Allen Is A Fly Guy

Kris Allen opened for Lady Antebellum on Friday night at The Wiltern in Los Angeles.  He did help Lady Antebellum close the show by performing "Hey Jude" by the Beatles.

Kri's fly was down for the performance but you do not really notice til after the 3 minute mark and someone from the audience let's Kris know and he zips it up rather quick with an interesting look on his face.

Just one question; why is Kris opening for anyone?  Adam Lambert is about to start a tour with Orianthi opening for him.  Kris wins the contest but who was mentoring American Idol last week?  Adam Lambert. 

I guess America may have voted Kris their "Idol" but the judges and producers obviously wanted Adam.  Guess it is better to not win the contest, isn't it?-Dr.FB


Video~ Ryan Seacrest Talks About Adam Lambert’s Talented Tongue

Ryan, Ryan, Ryan. Last night, Adam Lambert was on American Idol as he mentored the remaining contestants.

Ryan was talking to Adam about mentoring and what he would perform and Ryan went there.  He said his tongue is not as talented as Adam's. 

Hmm.  One has to wonder.  How would Ryan know?

Very interesting.  Honest mistake or was there something else to it?-Dr.FB


Adam Lambert Returns To American Idol

Adam Lambert  Photo: Gettyimages.com

Adam Lambert Photo: Gettyimages.com

Adam Lambert may have come in second last year when it came to "American Idol" voting, but he will return to the show tonight as a mentor to the remaining contestants.

This is on the heels of Idol using it's only save of the season to save Big Mike, who I think will get eliminated in the next 2 weeks anyway.  Adam's return should turn into big ratings as it will also be the night "Glee" returns to Fox as well.

It's nice to see Adam getting the support of "Idol" as for a while, he was blacklisted from shows for what he did on the "American Music Awards" and said he was sorry that is was too much too soon.

Adam will also be performing on tomorrow's Idol as well.  All this pegs the question; where is the winner Kris Allen and will he appear on Idol sometime later this season?-Dr.FB