L.A. Reid Playing Dirty On X Factor When It Comes To Simon Cowell

L.A. Reid & Simon Cowell. Photo: Sun.co

L.A. Reid & Simon Cowell. Photo: Sun.co

If L.A. Reid is trying to show that record executives are dirty, he is doing quite a job.  Reid is admitting he is trying to sabatoge the X Factor contestants that Simon Cowell is mentoring this season.

We are sure the story was planted but we know there is truth to it.  In my opinion. Simon and Nicole Sherzinger have the most talented contestestants to mentor.  Drew Ryniewicz & LeRoy Bell for starters.

Simon Cowell has been nothing but complimentary of Reid, saying he has him beat when it comes to finding talent.  Interesting how Babyface and others are not mentioned in the talent that Reid found.  Even taking credit for signing Justin Bieber when Usher and Justin Timberlake were both fighting to sign Bieber.  Where was Reid then?

Reid can play all the mind games and dirty tricks he wants to Simon and his contestants.  Drew ain’t no fool.-DocFB

Diagnosis:  We Are Lovin’ X Factor So Far……




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