Michael Jackson Memorial Service

Mariah Carey’s “Obsessed” Video To Debut On NBC

Mariah Carey’s “Obsessed” video will debut this Wendensday on NBC prime-time. The show will debut towards the end of “America’s Got Talent” and we wonder if Mariah will keep her lambs covered up during the video.  We doubt it because she sure didn’t cover them up at the Memorial Service last week for Michael Jackson. […]

Jon Gosselin Hangs Out With Fashion Douche Christian Audigier

How do you make Kate Gosselin look good? Stand Jon Gosselin next to Christian Audigier. Jon Gosselin visited Christian Audigier on the French Riveria this weekend where Jon is rumored to be doing work for Christian and his douchey Ed Hardy shirts.  About 500,000 guys who go to the gym on a daily basis just […]

Michael Jackson Funeral Update: Live Coverage Of Memorial

Last night, the Jackson family held a private service for Michael Jackson at Forest Lawn Memorial. The news did leak to the media and fans attempted to show up. There will be another not so private memorial before The Staple Center Memorial Event. Drfunkenberry.com will be covering the event live to report for you.  Although […]