Innocence Lost Is Found Again In Janelle Monae’s & Miguel’s Video For “PrimeTime! Watch Now!

Janelle Monae & Miguel Primetime Cover Photo: JMonae.com

Janelle Monae has outdone herself in her new video "PrimeTime" featuring Miguel!

Here is the description of what is taking place in the video:

PrimeTime is a love story based on the early adventures of Cindi Mayweather (Janelle Monáe) and her first love Joey Vice (Miguel.) The Emotion Picture gives a glimpse at Cindi's humble beginnings as a "cyber-server" at the Electric Sheep nightclub, a syn bar serving high-class "show droids" to the rich and lonely in a dangerous section of Metropolis known as Slop City. Incidentally, the innovative cybersoul music played at the club directly impacted Cindi, and she began singing and performing her own innovative compositions a short time after quitting this assignment. In addition, Cindi became determined to change the public perception of what an electric lady could be, dream and aspire to after working in the dismal conditions at the club.

Interesting. The song is sexual...we all get that. The video however, shows a Cindi working at a seedy place and wanting to escape with Joey. No skirt hiking. No banging against the wall. Aside from a brush against the face and holding hands, it doesn't go further. In the song, you know where it is heading. If you want to hike up her skirt and bang your girl against the wall while the song is played, go right ahead. The vision of what Janelle is laying down doesn't take it that way as again, the music implies it.

Digging it. Big time! Kudos and LOVE to Janelle.

If you don't have that "Electric Lady" yet, I don't know what to say to you!-DocFB

Diagnosis: So who will be playing Anthony?


Hot! Teaser Vid For Janelle Monae & Miguel’s “PrimeTime” Released! Watch Now!

Janelle Monae & Miguel Primetime Cover Photo: JMonae.com

A teaser for the video of "PrimeTime" by Janelle Monae featuring Miguel has hit the webs and it looks cool!

The full video will be released tomorrow 10/10/13 and we can't wait!-DocFB

Diagnosis: Pick up "Electric Lady" if U haven't already!



Janelle Monae & Miguel Primetime Cover Photo: JMonae.com

Janelle Monae has just released "Primetime" featuring Miguel form her album "Electric Lady" due September 10th!

"Electric Lady" will also feature guest appearances by Erykah Badu, Prince, and Solange Knowles.

Janelle is about to embark on a promotional tour for the album.

Click here for tour dates!!!!


Miguel Takes In The Teen Choice Awards!

Miguel Photo: GettyImages.com

Miguel took in the Teen Choice Awards where he did not perform, so there was no risk of anyone getting injured.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Things that make U go......what ever happened to the lawsuit his dropkick victim was going to file? Hmm....


Janelle Monae’s “Electric Lady” Artwork & Track List Revealed! Prince, Miguel & Esperanza Spalding Featured!

Janelle Monae "The Electric Lady" Target Cover Artwork Via Idolator.Com

The cover art for "Electric Lady" by Janelle Monáe has been revealed! It will be officially released on September 10th.

The 2 disc album features 19 songs and tracks with Erykah Badu, Prince, Miguel, Solange Knowles, and Esperanza Spalding.

For the "Electric Lady" track list and guest appearances, click here...


Mariah Carey & Miguel Release Music Video For #Hermosa, Spanish Version Of #Beautiful

Mariah Carey & Miguel

When you get busted for lip syncing at an Award show, what do you do? Why, release a Spanish version of your latest single "Beautiful" entitled "Hermosa" with Miguel.

We know Mariah can sing...but has she forgotten to make great music videos? Sigh. There is more than just flashing a smile and your curves. Oh well. Sure this will do.....until her next award show performance.-DocFB

Diagnosis: This post was brought to by Memorex.....


Janelle Monae’s New Album “The Electric Lady” To Feature PRINCE & Miguel!

Janelle Monae Photo: Billboard.com

Janelle Monae's new album will be titled "The Electric Lady" and will feature songs with PRINCE & Miguel.

The album is due in September and in an new interview with Billboard she talks about working with her friend PRINCE.

To see what she said about PRINCE and working with him, click here.