Not Cool! Perez Hilton Calls Megan Fox A Slut!

Perez. Perez. Perez.  When are you going to shut your pie-hole? Megan Fox did an interview recently where she stated she only had 2 sexual partners; her child-hood sweetheart and and her long-time boyfriend and friend of the site Brian Austin Green. She stated: “I can never have sex with someone that I don’t love, […]

Heather Mills Goes Kate Gosselin On Us

It wasn’t bad enough that i had to run into a mom who had the Kate Gosselin look at at the local Chili’s a couple of weeks ago, but now Heather Mills is wearing it?  Gag! I swear, wasn’t Perez Hilton’s whack self wearing that ‘doo a year or two ago? Now we have to have […]

Jon Gosselin Proves He Is A Douche By Not Taking Care Of His Kids

It doesn’t take wearing an Ed Hardy shirt to make you look like a douche (yes, you two guys at Target yesterday, I am talking about you too) John Gosselin. Not taking care of your kids as well makes you look like a super douche as well jack-ass! Your killing me here John. You are […]