Why Did Rihanna Lipsync “We Found Love” On X Factor? Is She Pregnant?

As someone who has seen Rihanna perform amazingly live, I am baffled why she lipsynced "We Found Love" on X Factor last night.

There was dancing.  There was pyro.  All stuff she would do in her 2 hour show earlier this year without lip synching.

For the past couple of weeks, she has been on tour overseas and cancelling shows overseas for an illness that her people have said was the flu.

Others through my Twitter account have been telling me that Rihanna is pregnant.  I blew off those rumors...until last night.

I am baffled by her lip synching on the show while all the solo performances on the show are performed live.  Doesn't exactly seem fair, does it?

So, why do you think Rihanna lipsynched?-DocFB

Diagnosis:  We found....her backbround music higher than her.....


John Mayer Cancels European Tour Dates Amid Mystery Illness

John Mayer Photo: Ian Gavan/Getty Images Europe
John Mayer Photo: Ian Gavan/Getty Images Europe

John Mayer Photo: Ian Gavan/Getty Images Europe

John Mayer has cancelled the rest of his European tour dates, all which were sold out, and a festival.

It is undisclosed what John has but his next tour date in North Carolina July 16th has not been cancelled so he might be back on the road in about a month or so.

JohnMayer.com released this statement;

  "Regrettably, the illness has caused his remaining European shows scheduled through this week to be canceled as well (Amsterdam, Madrid and Manchester). Ticket holders should apply for refund from point of purchase. Mayer is returning home to the States, and a full recovery is expected under a doctor's supervision."

We wish John a speedy recovery and hope he is feeling better soon.-Dr.FB