Why Did Rihanna Lipsync “We Found Love” On X Factor? Is She Pregnant?

As someone who has seen Rihanna perform amazingly live, I am baffled why she lipsynced "We Found Love" on X Factor last night.

There was dancing.  There was pyro.  All stuff she would do in her 2 hour show earlier this year without lip synching.

For the past couple of weeks, she has been on tour overseas and cancelling shows overseas for an illness that her people have said was the flu.

Others through my Twitter account have been telling me that Rihanna is pregnant.  I blew off those rumors...until last night.

I am baffled by her lip synching on the show while all the solo performances on the show are performed live.  Doesn't exactly seem fair, does it?

So, why do you think Rihanna lipsynched?-DocFB

Diagnosis:  We found....her backbround music higher than her.....

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  1. She wasnt lip syncing. you can hear her voice loud and clear.

  2. She wasn’t lip syncing. Notice how when she would pull the mic away the back ground vocal was softer than when the mic was up to her mouth. she was singing with a backing track. any artist that dances and sings has a backing track playing. it helps them keep track and enhances since they’re breathing so heavy from dancing. I’ve seen Gaga with a backing track, Christina, Justin Timberlake.

  3. Piss poor performance. When was the public ok with lip syncing ever. Wanna be performer. Man use to like her too.

  4. Maybe she was lip synching because this song is auto tuned…i saw her live and she was amazing and definitely sang live

  5. Sharon S, saying “I was one of the first people to notice her lip syncing last night.” sounds ridiculous. We all watched it at the same time and plenty of us noticed her dropping her mic while she was singing along, obviously with a backing track.

  6. Am I the only one who gets it???? She did that BECAUSE she is aware of the controversy surrounding lipsync claims…. so she sang bits and then deliberately left bits out to make a fkin point.. jeez do people really need telling this stuff to nowadays???

  7. She isn’t pregnant, i don’t think. Maybe she has a sore throat and is on her period. That doesn’t make her pregnant. She did sing as well as lip sync!!

  8. Shes is lipsyncing for the same reason the contestants dont sing their own songs.

  9. her mic was on but the backing track was so loud and she didn’t really sing at all
    rihanna has never been a good performer or singer… shes like britney expcept britney used to be able to dance rihanna cant dance at all

  10. Hey guys, can’t u see she’s doing the voice over the original track? It’s not a lipsyncing!

  11. That’s what I think! Face is fuller and covering her tummy….hmmmm?

  12. I was one of the first ppl to notice her lip syncing last night. I know for a fact she does it on tour but not every performance. Her voice isn’t strong enough and she has to lip sync or cancel show. I can’t believe the audience even clapped for her performance it was very tacky, silly and the choreographing was hideous. If she’s pregnant then why was she jumping up and down so hard that is not safe if she’s pregnant.

  13. No way! Is she? :-)

  14. She looked puffy and round faced, maybe she is pregnant… Her backing track was so loud she was almost lip-synching, bcuz even when her mouth was away from the mic the song was still going o_O

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