Yes! Liv Warfield & The NPG Taking Over New York City June 16th!

Liv Warfield Promo Flyer Photo

Liv Warfield is coming back to New York City and she is bringing The New Power Generation with her! It will be on June 16th at the City Winery.

Liv will be playing original music along with the NPG.

The musicians playing with her will be:

Cassandra O'Neal, Andrew Gouche, Marcus Anderson, Adrian Crutchfield, BK Jackson, Roy Agee, Lynn Grissett, Tyrone Hendrix(Drummer), Ryan Waters (guitarist for Sade), Ashley Seamster(Vox) and Saeeda Wright (Vox).

We spoke to Liv about the show and she had this to share:

We are a close knit bunch and its important to me that we push each other to be at our best. And I can't thank them enough for wanting to play with me again at this venue.

I'm just very thankful for PRINCE's support and forthcoming advice for the band to ALWAYS support each other and be there for one another. Its so true that we are like family and I love it! I would like people to come out and feel that and know his purple energy is always moving thru us.

Here are the deets:

City Winery
155 Varick St, New York, NY 10013
Doors @ 6pm
Show @ 8pm
You can buy Tix at this link

Don't forget to support Liv's sister in soul Shelby J. who will also be playing a benefit concert in NYC 3 nights before!-DocFB

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Shelby J. Benefit Concert In New York With Black Gypsy & Friends June 13th!

Shebly J. Benefit

Shelby J. of the NPG will be taking over New York City on June 13th for a benefit concert at the Red Lion.

Entry is a $20.00 donation and also gets you 2 drinks. The first 50 people in the door will get a FREE music download by Shelby J.!

Along with the good music, there will be a raffle to give away an Xbox, an acoustic guitar, plus other celebrities will be donating items as well.

The event is for HDSA.org (Huntington's Disease Society Of America) and Eric Katerle, guitarist for Black Gypsy, is suffering from the disease and will play with the band for as long as he can that night.

Get your tickets before they sell out HERE!

If you don't live in New York or can't make it, please consider making an online donation HERE!



NYC the place to be.-DocFB

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John Mayer Spends His Birthday With Katy Perry In New York

John Mayer spent his birthday with Katy Perry in New York where they were seen being rather flirty.

John is rocking an even shorter look than we saw him with over the weekend.

After spending the day together, they got a little more dressed up and took the birthday partying out for the night as well.

Katy & John it seems have taken their summer fling to the fall and it looks like it could be real as both singers have been quite mum about their relationship in the past couple of months.-DocFB

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Van Halen To Perform In New York This Week….

Van Halen's reunion tour will kick off with a performance in New York City this week.

David Lee Roth and the boys will be performing at Cafe Wha? on Thursday night in the heart of Manhattan.

The video above is "rehearsal" footage from The Roxy, where the band was rehearsing for months without anyone knowing.

We are interested to see how the band sounds and hoping there will be footage to share early Friday morning.-DocFB

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Prince & Nicki Minaj Set To Perform For Versace For H&M Launch

Prince Symbol & Versace Logo. Photo: ZùTotò™
Prince Symbol & Versace Logo. Photo: ZùTotò™

Prince Symbol & Versace Logo. Photo: ZùTotò™

Prince & Nicki Minaj will be performing Tuesday night in New York City for Versace for the H&M Launch.

We hinted yesterday that Prince would have a private show or two before kicking off his Welcome 2 Canada tour at the end of November.

Donatella Versace told our friends at WWD how excited she is to have both Prince and Nicki performing at her event:

"I am so pleased to share with so many the excitement of this collaboration with H&M.”

“To have my friend, the great, the amazing, the one and only Prince, and the extraordinary Nicki Minaj both perform at the event, will create exactly the feeling of joy and glamour I want this partnership to express.”

We  know when Prince and the fashion world mix (see below) , it is quite the funky affair.  Throw in Nicki Minaj, it's going to be bananas for sure.-DocFB

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Pink Performs For First Time After Childbirth

Pink took to the stage randomly at Sleep No More in New York City over the weekend, joining the stage with Stella St. Clair.

Girl, still got the pipes and looks amazing too!  Pink should do more jazz like stuff.  Totally digging it.

Check it out above and let us know what you think.-DocFB

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The Original 7ven AKA The Time To Perform On Tonight Show

The Original 7ven. Promo Photo
The Original 7ven. Promo Photo

The Original 7ven. Promo Photo

The Original 7ven aka The Band Formerly Known As The Time will be performing on The Tonight Show October 27th.

The band will not only performing in Los Angeles next week but will be having a homecoming concert in Minneapolis and a show in New York City.

The album "Condensate" is due for release next Tuesday, the same day the band will be at the Grammy Museum showing a documentary entitled "The Original 7ven" which will be included with the Best Buy version of the CD.

The band will also be taking over the "Centric" TV network for a weekend in December.

Starting next week, you will see The Original 7ven doing interviews in magazines and TV appearances along with the Tom Joyner Radio Show.

Stay tuned-DocFB

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