Video: The Return Of Octomom

Nadia Suleman is back. Yes, the octomom aka Octopussy. She may be looking better but she still has that annoying voice.

Her appearance is quite timely and comedic. Wonder how much Jimmy Kimmel paid her though. Oh well. It's almost the holidays and them babies could use some diapers so I won't hate...the prostate.

Enjoy the video.-Dr.FB


For Kate Gosselin, 8 Is More Than Enough

Kate Gosselin & The 8 In Reading Pennsylvania.  Photo: INFDaily.com
Kate Gosselin & The 8 In Reading Pennsylvania.  Photo: INFDaily.com

Kate Gosselin & The 8 In Reading Pennsylvania. Photo: INFDaily.com

Kate Gosselin made an appearance with her 8 children in public.  Suck on that Octomom!

God, I hope that whack ass hairstyle does not catch on.  She was with her bodyguard, you know, the one she is cheating on her husband with.  Yes, her husband has been cheating on her too.  Man, what happened to those fools back in the day that stayed together "for the children?"  You have 8 damn kids.  Time to GTFU!

Get a new hairstyle, maybe one that was only cool the first two weeks "Back To The Future" came out.  Your reality show is whack.  The media whoring you are doing is whack. TLC has sunk to the bottom with this reality show. 

How many of you actually watch this train wreck? Must be a lot of you to get the covers of US and People.  They suck too!  Where is the journalistic integrity? Kate, someone needs to slap you so hard, your hairstyle changes.-Dr.FB


Madonna’s Adoption Plans Delayed

Madonna With Daughter Lourdes.  Photo: AP Wire
Madonna With Daughter Lourdes.  Photo: AP Wire

Madonna With Daughter Lourdes. Photo: AP Wire

Marcy James will have to wait a little bit longer for Madonna to be her mother. Marcy's mother passed away at the age of 18 years old. 

Marcy is a 4 year old that Madonna has been trying to adopt but the Malawian court has been slow to get things going with that.  I see it getting done shortly. 

How does this adoption sit with people? Madonna can clearly afford to give the kid a good life unlike say octopussy octomom. Is it in the best interest of the child though?-Dr.FB


Video: Nadya Suleman Giving Birth-Jimmy Kimmel

This ish is too funny of Miss Octopussy aka Octomom.  Had to share.  Watch it.  It is so worth it!-Dr.FB


Octomom Offered Porn Role

Nadya Suleman / ©AP/KTLA


Nadya Suleman / ©AP/KTLA

Nadya Suleman / ©AP/KTLA

And now, your  "WTF???" Post of the Day.

DISCLAIMER: Dr. Funkenberry is not liable to pay for any damages to computer equipment, including laptops, monitors, and keyboards, caused by projectile spewing of coffee, soda, lunch, or liquids of any kind upon reading the following story. Reader takes all responsibility for any adverse effects, including and not limited to, long-term or permanent loss of ability to maintain an erection or the shriveling up and falling off of your tallywhacker. Proceed at your own risk.

From...(sigh)...Fox News:

Thursday, February 26, 2009

by Hollie McKay

You may want to take a shower after reading this.

Vivid Entertainment has offered Nadya "Octomom" Suleman $1 million to star in a pornographic video. Now Tarts has learned the disgusting details of what they want Octomom to do.

They want Suleman, who gave birth to octuplets in January, to have sex in eight different scenes with eight different men.

"The number eight is obviously heavily associated with her so we would like to work with that," Vivid’s CEO Stephen Hirsch told Tarts. "But we would really love just to sit down and talk with her and come up with something she feels comfortable with. We want her to be involved with the whole thing from the plot line to the packaging."

Hirsch says Suleman has received their offer and is considering it. Suleman did not return calls for comment.

"She’s struggling financially and this is a woman who wants to provide for her kids," Hirsch said. "This way she can hold her head high and not be using taxpayers money to support her family."

However, the New York Post's Cindy Adams is reporting that Octomom has been looking at $1 million houses in the Los Angeles area.

So maybe - let's all pray - she doesn't need the money.

UPDATE: Octomom is keeping her clothes on! "Those guys at Vivid video must be nuts!" she told Radaronline.com. " Who wants to see me naked? Maybe in a year when the baby fat goes away." Tarts think she's kidding...?

No word on the working title for the proposed flick for Octomom. That James Bond movie already took the best one. - Dr.FC