Uranus? Lady Gaga Plans To Perform In Space In 2015. Seriously

Lady Gaga.  Photo:  Interscope Records

Many think Lady Gaga is from another planet. In 2015, Lady Gaga plans to perform in space. Will it be a homecoming?

Lady Extravaganza will be on-board a Virgin Galactic space shuttle to perform a one track during the 2015 Zero G Colony tech festival.

The festival is expected to be over 3 days in outer space.

So far, Gaga is dead serious about this happening.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Space.....Gaga singing....the final frontier....


Robin Thicke Set To Co-Host & Perform On “The View” Friday

Robin Thicke, Jimmy Kimmel & Guillermo Photo: Jimmy Kimmel Live

Robin Thicke will be performing and co-hosting "The View This Friday. The "Blurred Lines" singer should be singing something from the new album on Friday. Unless everyone just wants to hear "Blurred Lines" again.

We wonder if the ladies of "The View" will bring up what some consider to be the rape-like lyrics to "Blurred Lines" and let Robin address the situation or talk about lighter stuff? Hmm.-DocFB

Diagnosis: The song of the summer...are you tired of it yet?


Jimmy Buffett Falls From Stage; Lays Unconscious

Jimmy Buffett. File Photo
Jimmy Buffett. File Photo

Jimmy Buffett. File Photo

Well, at least it happened on his final show over there.  Jimmy Buffett took a fall while performing in Australia today.

Lights blinded him on stage and he took a fall that left him unconscious for about 5-10 minutes and with a huge gash on his head.  He fell from the stage hitting some metal around the stage.  It was during his encore towards the end of the show. 

It took paramedics 15 minutes to arrive after he awoke from being knocked out.  15 minutes is pretty good time for medics to arrive in Hawaii.  If in L.A., it may have been about 10 minutes. 

Buffett is in stable condition and should recover fine.-Dr.FB


Video: Prince & Ana Moura Performing “A Casa da Mariquinhas” & More!!!

As we tweeted yesterday, the very talented Ana Moura was going to take the stage with PRINCE at the Super Bock Super Rock festival in Portugal.

Here is footage of Prince with Ana performing "A Casa da Mariquinhas" and PRINCE backing her up on guitar.  We heard they were also going to perform "Walk In Sands" a new track from his yet to be released in the good ol U.S.A. 20Ten record, but it was not. 

For now, enjoy this footage of Prince and Ana performing in Portugal.-Dr.FB

UPDATE: Here is another song below!!!


M.I.A Gives Birth; To Perform Days Later

Rapper M.I.A. Performed on stage at the grammys on her due date and now after giving birth over the weekend, she will be back on stage by the end of the week!

Girl either loves performing or crazy or both!-Dr.FB