Faith Hill No Longer “Sunday Night Football” Girl

Faith Hill Photo: NBC Sports

Faith Hill will no longer be singing the "Sunday Night Football" song for the NFL or NBC, the singer has announced.

Faith Hill tweeted “Amazing 2 have been part of SNF – an honor. I’ve just let everyone there know it’s time 2 let someone else rock the open,"

“Difficult decision. Kinda emotional. Love all u guys at SNF – I’ll b watching!!!”

Faith Hill has sang the song for the past 6 years after NBC had P!nk do the exact same song for a year before giving it to Faith.

I'm sad to see Faith go because it was good way to get the game started. The question is now who will be the one singing the song?

Will they get Pink back or will it be someone else? I'm hoping a female to be honest. After 20+ years of Hank Williams Jr. doing the "Monday Night Football" song before he put his foot in his mouth and Faith's being a breath of fresh air, it would be smart to stick to a woman.

So who do U think should replace Faith?-DocFB

Diagnosis: Won't be the same...will it?


VIDEO: P!nk “Just Give Me A Reason” With Nick Ruess Of FUN. Is Beautifully Perfect

P!nk & Nate Ruess of FUN. Photo Cap By Idolator.Com

P!nk's "Truth About Love" was one of the few great albums of 2012. With the video "Just Give Me A Reason" featuring Nick Ruess of FUN., P!nk shows she is about to have an impact on 2013.

The video shows her real life husband Corey Hart playing the veteran's LOVE interest in the video.

We can give you a million reasons why we LOVE this video. It is nice to see a real life couple in a video such as this. Nick fully compliments P!nk with their vocals and they blend with perfection.

This song came on my Ipod last Sunday and was hoping it would be released as a single with a video. I don't listen to radio but I knew more people needed to be reached with this song. Glad to see it happen.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Wonder how many girls are wanting the teddy bear....?


P!nk Performs “Try” On German TV’s “Wetten Dass…? Watch Now!

American TV Award Shows can learn from German TV to have camera's performance level instead of high above. Example; "Try" by P!nk on "Wetten Dass...?" on German TV.

Although the same performance on the American Music Awards a couple of weeks ago, the camera's being performance level brought more to the performance big time.

For those that may not know what I am talking about n think the Doc is crazy, check out the AMA performance below.

The camera is a little more tight when showing "performance level" angel's because they are zooming in from a camera higher up. You lose some of the beautiful cinematography in this performance by doing that.

That rotating interview couch though...don't like that. I'm sure P!nk was tripping after performing and then sitting there.

Check out the performance above.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Love P!nk getting all WWE with her table shot...


P!nk’s Amazing New Video “Try” Hits 10 Million Youtube Views!

The amazing new video of "Try" by P!nk has just hit 10 million views on youtube within a week.

The choreography takes you back into the 80's along with P!nk wearing battlepaint ala Pat Benatar in "Love Is A Battlefield" whose simple choreography then transformed that video into an MTV staple.

The video was directed by Floria Sigismondi and the choreographers are The Golden Boyz.

The moves on the video or quite athletic, sexy, and sometimes seem to borrow out of nowhere from the WWE wrestling book of chokeslams.

Check out it if you haven't above. Great job P!nk!-DocFB

Diagnosis: Her new album "Truth About Love" is worth picking up.


Rihanna, Britney, Katy Or P!nk? Who Is Billboard’s Top Songs Artist On The Past 20 Years?

The top Billboard artists of the past twenty years were all females; Rihanna, Britney Spears, Katy Perry and P!nk. But only one was the number one top pop artist.  Who was it?

Rihanna is the number 1 top pop artist of the past 20 years charting 34 times. That is 21 top ten hits and 9 number one songs. Katy Perry has 9 number one songs herself in the past 5 years, tying Rihanna for most number ones.

Rihanna debuted in 2005, 7 years after Britney and P!nk respectively. Britney charted at number 2 and P!nk at number 3.  The Billboard Charts still matter right?  My check from them hasn't arrived in the mail yet so I can still be critical.

Rihanna tweeted the news to her 26 million twitter followers: "Billboard crowned me #1 Top 40 artist of the decade just [seven] years into this!! My fans just majorly shat on ur existence."

Er, shat on who? Was going to say congrats but I think that tweet did it for me.-DocFB

Diagnosis: I want to thank my twitter followers for making me the 769th most popular blog on the Net. Perez's fans just shat on our existence.


P!nk Joins No Doubt For “Just A Girl” Iheartradio Performance! Watch Now

P!nk joined No Doubt at theIheartradio Festival to perform the band's classic "Just A Girl" as Gwen and P!nk puckered up.

P!nk exclaimed that Gwen is the raddest girl in the world. We couldn't agree more and we think is pretty rad too!

No Doubt's new album comes out this week and interestingly enough, will most likely knock P!nk out of the number 1 spot she will be holding this coming week.

Check out the high-octane performance above.-DocFB

Diagnosis: 2 Of My Favorite Girls


P!nk Loves The Shhh Out Of Jon Stewart As She Performs “Blow Me (One Last Kiss)” Uncensored!

Drfunkenberry Loves The SHHH Out Of P!nk & Jon Stewart!

P!nk took to "The Daily Show W/Jon Stewart" to perform her new song "Blow Me (One Last Kiss)" from her new CD "The Truth About Love" and profess she LOVES the SHHHH out of Jon.

Perhaps when she has a SHHH day, n we had a SHHH day, she puts on "The Daily Show" and her day is suddenly better.

Aside from the bleep of a whiskey....penis....the song is uncensored and aired that way.

We like P!nk any which way she wants to give it to us, clean or unclean.  It seems you do as well as the new CD is set to debut at #1 next week on the charts that used to matter, Billboard.

Drfunkenberry Loves The SHHH Out Of P!nk & Jon Stewart!

We are not sure The Daily Show loves the SHHH out of P!nk however. They have her CD listed as "I'm Not Dead" instead of "The Truth About Love". Hmm. So Comedy Central, if you are reading this, you MIGHT wanna fix that. Then we can LOVE the SHHH out of you again!

Regardless, enjoy the badness of "Blow Me (One Last Kiss)" and "Who Knew" by P!nk on "The Daily Show With Jon Stewart"-DocFB