Elusive: Lianna La Havas Talks About PRINCE’s Visit To Her Flat!


Was it only 2 days ago now that PRINCE had a press conference at Lianne La Havas's place to announce tour plans there?

Press conference? Yes. Tour plans? Not exactly. It is Hit N Run style with the gigs being announced only a short time ahead. You know we will do our best to make sure you know when we know.

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CRITICS Rave Over PRINCE & 3RDEYEGIRL’s UK Press Conferences

Prince London Photo: BBC News 6

PRINCE & 3RDEYEGIRL held 2 press conferences where details of a UK Tour were to be unveiled. Instead were 2 rare performances and the question of UK gigs to come sometime today, Wednesday.

The first was a press conference in Lianne La Havas's living room where La Havas performed "Little Dragons" twice and a new song as well, according to BBC News 6.

They only had 3 journalists there as 3RDEYEGIRL performed an acoustic version of "FUNKNROLL" and "PRETZELBODYLOGIC" for the small crowd, in the small flat.

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The BBC reporter felt Prince smelled great wearing Princense. That's a new word.

On 3RDEYEGIRL, Prince LOVES the band: "We've been together for over a year and it's perfect. The more we play, the more fun it is, and addictive it is.'' Prince would say that they would jam for days with ping pong battles sprinkled in between sessions.

They do not not know how long they will be in the UK and said it is an open-ended stay.

"We want to charge about $10 a ticket. This is a new band, people are getting something new."-Prince. Ticket price was quoted by BBC.

Prince is NOT playing Glastonbury.

They are looking to record the live shows for release while there.

At the second press conference at the Electric Ballroom, more reporters checked out Prince including Mumford & Sons.

They played a 30 minute set that consisted of "I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man", "PLECTRUMELECTRUM", "PRETZELBODYLOGIC", and a cover of "Play That Funky Music."

Prince was in a very good mood and loved the energy of the crowd.

There will be another performance tonight with a countdown of 7 P.M. at the Electric Ballroom. Although they said it would be a longer night and start earlier, we are not sure if they will exactly start at 7 P.M.-DocFB

Diagnosis: When we have full tour dates, we will post.

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Beyonce Shuts Everyone Up By Performing National Anthem Live

Beyonce Photo: GettyImages.com

We all know that Beyonce can sing. Her lip syncing at the Presidential Inauguration was blown out of proportion. I used it as a joke but we all know Beyonce can sing.

During her press conference for the NFL Super Bowl Half-Time Show, she belted out a rendition of the "Star-Spangled Banner" and it shut everyone up. If she lip syncs at the Super Bowl, then they will talk again til the Grammys.

Now maybe we can move to something more important. What is the other big music news this week. A fight between Chris Brown and Frank Ocean? Sigh. Grammy week cannot come soon enough.-DocFB

Diagnosis: She got you....speechless....


New Madonna Super Bowl Commercial Released! Watch Now!

NBC has officially released this new teaser for the Super Bowl Half Time Show.  Unlike the original commercial, this actually features Madonna concert footage.

It features "Vogue", "Lucky Star" and "Music"  in the :29 second ad.  Come on!  You know she will be performing "4 Minutes" over "Vogue" but I can see "Music" and "Lucky Star" being in the performance.

Madonna still has yet to talk publicly on camera about the performance.  Madonna will be holding a press conference February 2nd where she will hopefully reveal more.  The press conference will be held in Indianapolis, Indiana, the site of the Super Bowl.

Although the commercial is brief, i do like that they used concert footage this time instead of old videos.  What do you think of the new ad?-DocFB

Diagnosis:  Seriously.....she has to do "4 Minutes"......


Video Premiere: Britney Spears “I Wanna Go”


I really have no idea what to make of this video.  I liked the start and the middle, I was like, Britney is so unpredictable and a loose cannon, she can do all of that.

Don't know what to quite make of the half Mickey Mouse shirt (We all know she was part of the Mickey Mouse Club) and then the dude pouring milk over himself and then...the ode to Michael Jackson at the end.  Yea, not sure what that is about.

What did you think of the video?  Please leave a comment.  For the email address, you can punch in 123@aol.com and it will work.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Do You Wanna Go?


Audio & Video Of Prince’s “Welcome 2 America” Press Confusion…Er Conference

Prince. Photo: GettyImages.com
Prince. Photo: GettyImages.com

Prince. Photo: GettyImages.com

So, Prince held a press conference in New York City earlier this evening.  A Rolling Stone journalist had it spot on when he said Prince would be holding a mysterious press conference....because people don't really know what he announced.

A full on U.S. tour (Major rumor for a couple of months now) or a residency at the Apollo Theatre in New York.

It is called "Welcome To America" and usually, when tourists first travel to America, the first place they either visit or travel is New York.  So....it would make more sense that a residency in New York is happening.  Also, the skyscrapers in some of the posters are of a New York Skyline.  Plus, would you really call a tour "Welcome To America?" 

"Maceo Parker. Esperanza Spaulding. Sheila E,  Larry Graham, Mint Condition, Sinbad, Cassandra Wilson.  Dr. Funkenberry doing the chicken dance.   I am master of ceremonies. Welcome to America."

Below is audio and video of the press conference. 

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Also, Prince, I Love you man.  I may not look you in the eye when we are in the same room and have my date talk to you instead of me, but it is all about respect.  So, whoever picked out that shirt for you (please don't let it be someone I know) dock them the pay it cost them to make the shirt, sing 4 hail mary's n toss that top in yesterday's basura.    I bet Rihanna is wearing it in 2 weeks though.-Dr.FB

P.S. thanks to a friend for sending the audio and the exclusive photos we had earlier.


Prince To make Big Announcement In NYC As New Song Leaks (Listen Now!)

Prince At The Apollo Theatre 75th Anniversary Bash.  Photo:  Spellman/Killian

Prince At The Apollo Theatre 75th Anniversary Bash. Photo: Spellman/Killian

What a great day to be a PRINCE fan, especially if you are in New York!

It all started as a tweet yesterday from a writer of Rolling Stone Magazine;

Just heard that Prince is holding a mysterious press conference in New York tomorrow..

Then Live Nation posted on Facebook: 

HUGE announcement tomorrow at 3 PM Pacific - stay tuned. (You won't want to miss this.)
Then Moquake.com, a Prince fan web site posted about the press conference and that it is at the legendary Apollo Theatre and that fans can attend the press conference.  Very cool news!!!
On top of that, the snippet of "Rich Friends" a track to be from 20Ten deluxe, is now out in full, as posted on Prince.org early this morning.
So, hopefully the fans in New York have enough time to get there and check it out! 
As for what the news is, our lips are sealed...although with Live Nation mentioning it, you kind of know what it is!
Thanks to the Prince fan sites for that info.   We are looking forward to what he has to say and having a new song.-Dr.FB