Beyonce Shuts Everyone Up By Performing National Anthem Live

Beyonce Photo: GettyImages.com

We all know that Beyonce can sing. Her lip syncing at the Presidential Inauguration was blown out of proportion. I used it as a joke but we all know Beyonce can sing.

During her press conference for the NFL Super Bowl Half-Time Show, she belted out a rendition of the "Star-Spangled Banner" and it shut everyone up. If she lip syncs at the Super Bowl, then they will talk again til the Grammys.

Now maybe we can move to something more important. What is the other big music news this week. A fight between Chris Brown and Frank Ocean? Sigh. Grammy week cannot come soon enough.-DocFB

Diagnosis: She got you....speechless....

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  1. I love how she stated, “Any questions?” when she finished. Without hesitation she’s immediately questioned about lip synching. But wait!?! I just sang! That should be the end of it. What the hell? Lol! You can take the girl out of the ghetto but…

  2. The point is, she should’ve done what she can do at the inauguration……too late now. She skipped her moment in time……maybe she can get it back with the half-time show though. crossed fingers.

  3. Alright then…Maybe people will let her go now. She did a great job. LOVE

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