Prince's Camp

Exclusive: Whitney Houston Is Welcome At Prince’s Shows For Eternity

Whitney Houston & Prince. Photo: Michael J. Menichetti

We knew this story had more holes in it than a golf course.  Yes, I said it. So, I’m sure by now you guys saw the story posted about Whitney Houston being banned from Prince shows and attending several although on my Twitter Account I said it was 2 shows…. Well, Prince and his camp reached […]

Exclusive! Prince Not Happy With “Glee” Over Use Of “Kiss”

Prince. Photo Courtesy of NPG Records For Use By

When Prince is not busy kicking Kim Kardashian off his stage, I am sure he watches television just like the rest of us.  We wonder if he is a fan of the show “Glee” however. Gwyneth Paltrow will be returning to the show set at Mckinnley High as Holly Holiday, where she covered Cee Lo’s”Forget […]