Lately, Chelsea Handler Is Horny For T.I.

"I am very horny for my next guest." That was the words of Chelsea Handler and thankfully not Jay Leno.

T.I. appeared on Chelsea Lately and from the start, Miss Handler was flirting with T.I. yet again and asking questions like "How was prison" and about the care package she sent him in prison, and their "special relationship" they have.

T.I. came off as very funny while trying to somewhat avoid her announcements. Check out this interview above.


So Will Lindsay Lohan Get With The Program Or SCRAM?

Lindsay Lohan. Photo: SplashNewsOnline.com
Lindsay Lohan. Photo: SplashNewsOnline.com

Lindsay Lohan. Photo: SplashNewsOnline.com

Lindsay Lohan was sentenced yesterday in a Beverly Hills Court House to wear a SCRAM bracelet on her leg, which goes off if she takes any drugs or drinks any alcohol.

She has to take her mandatory alcohol ed classes and interestingly enough, she could not provide her plane ticket itinerary for last week when she said her passport was "stolen" and had to miss the court date on Thursday but could provide her ticket for afterwards. 

The judge was none too pleased about this since she had to delay her vacation by a day to deal with Lindsay Slowhands Lohan. 

So will Lindsay be able to stay off the alcohol and drugs or will she SCRAM?-Dr.FB


Lindsay Lohan Does Not Think She Has A Problem

Lindsay Lohan discusses that she is no longer doing drugs and think she has done enough to not go to prison, even she has only done 10 of the 13 required classes for driving under the influence.

She is still saying her passport was stolen from her room.

You know, if she hadn't had so many chances, maybe I would feel sorry for her.

She is due in court today and expect chaos at the courthouse.-Dr.FB


Phil Spector Sentenced To 19 Years In Prison

Music Producer Phil Spector was sentenced to 19 years in prison for the murder of Lana Clarkson.  Lana was shot in the mouth, with Spector's gun. 

Spector, 69, will have to serve 19 years before he is eligible for parole. If  never paroled he will spend the rest of his life in prision.  Prosecutors say the shooting was part of a cycle of gun play and violence that Spector had towards women for over 20 years. 

Shortly before Clarkson was shot, Spector told British journalist Mick Brown in an interview that he had a bipolar personality and had "devils that fight inside me".

Clarkson's family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Spector, which has yet to have it's day in court.


T.I. Heads To Prison Today

T.I. File Photo
T.I. File Photo

T.I. File Photo

T.I. gave his final concert on Sunday before going to jail today on a weapons charge stemming from 2007.  Tickets were just $10.  It was a sell-out crowd of 16,000.

T.I.'s sentence was to be a 366 day sentence but will most likely be drastically reduced.  Can I say something here?  I thought he was already in jail and thy announced his sentence would be shortened.  WTH?  Guess I wasn't paying attention.  After he gets out, will drinks still be on him?-Dr.FB