AEG Live FIRES Randy Phillips In Entertainment Shake-Up!

Randy Phillips Photo: Telegragh.co.uk

AEG Entertainment has cut all ties to Randy Phillips. They fired him. No thank you for your services. No what will be happening with him or anything. A year after signing a 5 year contract, he has been let go.

Deadline broke the story earlier today.

Randy Phillips first signed with AEG back in 2002. Jay Marciano who was COO is now chairman and will be running the company with Paul Tollett, John Meglen, Shawn Trell and Rick Mueller.

AEG is the world's number 2 concert promoter behind Live Nation.

It is pretty safe to assume that because of the Michael Jackson wrongful death lawsuit and bumping heads with top artists that are now with Live Nation mostly caused Phillips firing. They stood by him during the trial but now that it is past, it is time to move up, and move on.-DocFB

Diagnosis: We have a feeling top artists with Live Nation might be getting a little bit more money if they use AEG on their next tour.


Video: Michael Jackson “This Is NOT It”

Here is a campaign started by Michael Jackson fans entitled; "This Is Not It" and either features some pretty powerful stuff or some off the wall (no pun intended) claims, depending on who you are.

I ask you to watch it and give your honest opinion. They have a better clip on the site ThisIsNOTIt but not for me to embed or other sites. They may want to change that OR contact me to where it is and I will gladly put it up.

For now, watch this and let me know what you think. Randy Phillips, where you at?-Dr.FB


Michael Jackson Update: AEG Out “30 Million”

Katherine Jackson won and Michael Jackson will be buried soon at Forest Lawn. The brothers were hoping to bury him at Neverland and make money off of him by making Neverland an attraction. Gotta love family, right?

Also, AEG's iron clad insurance policy they took out on Michael before his death isn't so iron clad after all according to TMZ.

They state that The Lloyd's of London policy -- taken out by AEG in case Jackson didn't perform his London concerts -- did not cover death related to illegal drug use.

AEG claims they are $30 million in the hole n the policy was for $17 million. What happened to that $60 million made of rehearsal footage?

Randy Phillips, where you at?-Dr.FB


AEG Covered For MJ’s Overdose + MY Thoughts On Ticket Situation For Memorial



If Michael Jackson would have died from natural causes, AEG would be more screwed than Jenna Jameson back in the 90's. Lucky for them, he died of a drug overdose, which is covered. A death of natural causes, not so much.

The insurance policy, which was taken out, covered them for $17.5 Million dollars. Randy Phillips wants to let us know that the policy will still fall short on money already spent on things such as Micheal's advance pay, producing the show, paying some of MJ's debts, along with staff and rent, which is said to be around $30 million dollars.  

It's hard to feel sorry for a company like AEG, who is taking a hit from this, from myself and others. The o2 Arena being empty is killing them.  One thing though; just be honest.  If you want to charge $25.00 for a memorial service, just be real and say this:

 "Look, we dropped a lot of money into this and we are really in the red.  We do not want to charge for the service, but we have to.  We also will be selling t-shirts that would have been sold at the o2 Arena shows to recoup some of that money and pass the shirts on to the fans. We regret having to do this in these economic times, but we had to. We appreciate your understanding in this situation and thank you for your support."

Now, if they came at us like that, people would understand and then you wouldn't have had to quickly turn around and have a PR nightmare where you have to now "give away" 11,000 tickets.  Be honest and be real, and you will be respected.  Peace.-Dr.FB


AEG Is Making Michael Jackson Fans Scream

Michael Jackson Rehearsal's June 26th 2009.  Photo: Kevin Mazur/Gettyimages.com
Michael Jackson Rehearsal's June 26th 2009.  Photo: Kevin Mazur/Gettyimages.com

Michael Jackson Rehearsal's June 26th 2009. Photo: Kevin Mazur/Gettyimages.com

AEG will give a full refund to fans who purchased tickets to Michael Jacksons' This Is It tour at the O2 Arena. If they want a ticket as a souvenir though, they will have to pass on the refund.

Seriously?  What about a $10-15 charge for the ticket instead?  The full amount of the ticket they will have to pass on?  Ouch.

What do you guys think about that?-Dr.FB


Thank You + My Thoughts On Michael Jackson & Hollywood

I say this VERY bitter-sweetly.  Last week, drfunkenberry.com had it's biggest week by far. With the Perez Hilton/Wil I am story, Farrah Fawcett's expected death and the very unexpected death of Michael Jackson and our credibility shooting thru the roof. Bittersweet I say.

It was much easier earlier in the week to attack Perez and the numbers were high as we were covering the story and being on top of our game, our numbers were looking good.  Petty as crap now in all honesty.

Then Michael Jackson.  Sigh.  The first two sites to report Michael's passing were TMZ and us. Perez had to change his dissing of MJ with a story of his passing so the timing of his was off.  Listen.  It's nothing to be proud of.  We were NOT trying to be the first. We just assumed the CNN's of the world would follow suit.  We didn't know it would take 2 hours for them to confirm his passing. 

After that, our daily pageviews have almost doubled and we know that it is because you trust me/us for the news we bring you.  It means a lot to me and I thank you but again, it is bittersweet.  To have him still here, take away those daily views. It. Just. Doesn't. Matter.

So I have a message for Hollywood and you Celebrity doctors. I want you to hear it loud and clear.  You took away Anna Nicole Smith too soon. You took away Heath Ledger way too soon.  You took Michael Jackson away too soon. Prescribed medicine when not needed is just as lethal as crack, heroin, or meth. 

You so-called doctors, what the heck happened to ethics?  They don't need the crap, don't give it to them.

You celebrities, sometimes when people tell you no, they are not doing it to be dicks. Realize that the ones who give you that crap when you don't need it, don't give a damn about you. They want to be your buddy, but not really.  They just want that life.  They want to write that tell-all book about you because they know sooner or later, your ass is gonna be dead and they will be getting your riches. They are not your friends.

Also, Randy Phillips, did Michael Jackson REALLY pass that physical a few months ago?  I'm not in bed with AEG like Perez so I can say it.  Mr. Phillips, if he really did not pass that physical, all of this is on you as well as that doctor right now. You know that right?  50 shows when he hasn't done a full one in 10 years? Come on now.

I just had to get a few things off my chest everyone and thank you for sticking with us and spreading the word about us.  You having faith in our credibility means a lot to me/us.  Hollywood, it's time to check yourself.-Dr.FB


Michael Jackson Wants An o2 Neverland Ranch?

Michael Jackson  File Photo
Michael Jackson Announces 02 Dates.  File Photo

Michael Jackson Announces 02 Dates. File Photo

The ever sensible man-child Michael Jackson has always been the eccentric one and it seems this time, he is doing it again.

Rumors (I must stress rumors) are floating around that Michael Jackson wants AEG to build him a Neverland Ranch style place close to the O2 Arena.  He is rumored to be renting a $24 million estate in Kent while there and wants that place turned into Neverland.

It seems crazy but we wouldn't put it past him.  We doubt it but we could so see it.  Can't you? Randy Phillips, where you at?-Dr.FB