AEG Covered For MJ’s Overdose + MY Thoughts On Ticket Situation For Memorial



If Michael Jackson would have died from natural causes, AEG would be more screwed than Jenna Jameson back in the 90's. Lucky for them, he died of a drug overdose, which is covered. A death of natural causes, not so much.

The insurance policy, which was taken out, covered them for $17.5 Million dollars. Randy Phillips wants to let us know that the policy will still fall short on money already spent on things such as Micheal's advance pay, producing the show, paying some of MJ's debts, along with staff and rent, which is said to be around $30 million dollars.  

It's hard to feel sorry for a company like AEG, who is taking a hit from this, from myself and others. The o2 Arena being empty is killing them.  One thing though; just be honest.  If you want to charge $25.00 for a memorial service, just be real and say this:

 "Look, we dropped a lot of money into this and we are really in the red.  We do not want to charge for the service, but we have to.  We also will be selling t-shirts that would have been sold at the o2 Arena shows to recoup some of that money and pass the shirts on to the fans. We regret having to do this in these economic times, but we had to. We appreciate your understanding in this situation and thank you for your support."

Now, if they came at us like that, people would understand and then you wouldn't have had to quickly turn around and have a PR nightmare where you have to now "give away" 11,000 tickets.  Be honest and be real, and you will be respected.  Peace.-Dr.FB

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  1. Dr.F u are a “truth teller” and I like that. I don’t trust AEG…when it is all said and done I think AEG is behind the death of M.J….Randy Phillips admitted last night on AC 360 that he never thought MJ could do 50 concerts. That leaves AEG imo wide open, especially if it is true they recommended this dr. murray.

  2. I totally agree with krislaw, you tell the truth as you see it and it’s not in a nasty way like another celebrity blogger. Keep it up man!

  3. That’s what I love about u Dr. You keep it real. I know when I come to this site i’m gonna get an honest report, not some fly by nite b.s. Thanks Dr. for keepin it real!

  4. I am getting sick & tired of reading about AEG this and AEG that. I am NOT a big fan of the way they work at all (I did attend a few of Prince’s 21 shows at the O2 but they made the ticket sales a nightmare for the fans) but PLEASE why don’t you comment on the real “villain” behind all this. Joe Jackson has ALWAYS treated Michael like a moneymaker (from his childhood to his afterlife) and he probably gave AEG permission to handle it this way ; maybe he even benefits from it himself. A funeral is not an event (nor should it be) but the only way AEG can get away with it, is because they have permission from (or working with) family members. My bets are on Joe ! Get real, people !

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