Red Foo

Can Anyone Explain This Outfit By Red Foo To Me? Anyone?

Here is Red Foo wearing an outfit that another wouldn’t dare to the GRAMMY’s red carpet. We know he is in the group LMFAO but we didn’t know he was trying to get us to LMFAO.-docFB Diagnosis: Truth be told..I’m just jealous cause my calves don’t look that good…..

LMFAO Turns Chelsea Handler Into A Party Rockin’ Fan

LMFAO did their first ever couch interview on “Chelsea Lately” with Chelsea Handler. They talked about “package sizes” and other LMFAO topics. When I first heard about Red Foo and Sky Blu appearing on “Chelsea Lately” I thought it could be career suicide for them. They handled it well, staying in “Party Rock” mode, they […]