Can Anyone Explain This Outfit By Red Foo To Me? Anyone?

Red Foo Photo: GettyImages.com

Here is Red Foo wearing an outfit that another wouldn't dare to the GRAMMY's red carpet.

We know he is in the group LMFAO but we didn't know he was trying to get us to LMFAO.-docFB

Diagnosis: Truth be told..I'm just jealous cause my calves don't look that good.....

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  1. It was inspired by Jamie Foxx / Django .. 😉

  2. Looks like he raided Nancy Reagan’s closet.

  3. It’s still better than those glasses
    Prince has been wearing…u know the ones that look like a sleeping mask!

  4. Before asking about the outfit, one should consider the stage name he chose. The outfit becomes irrelevant.

  5. Foo always rocks the hucks and vans

  6. really????

  7. u have that name .the irony!

  8. Party rock in the house!

  9. he is sexy and he knows it….

  10. I like it.

  11. Uh, who is this guy?

  12. Red fool more like it!!!

  13. Get the hell out, clown.

  14. Alrighty then.

  15. yup, just no

  16. LMAO for real!!!

  17. 1. your calves look beter than that… 2. It shrunk in the dryer..

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