Regina Spektor Composes Theme Song For “Orange Is The New Black”

Regina Spektor File Photo

Regina Spektor has composed the theme song to a new Netflix original series entitled "Orange Is The New Black". The theme song is "You've Got Time" and is now available.

The song, "You've Got Time," will play in an edited version over the series' opening title sequence, which features arresting images of the faces of female former prisoners.

Jenji Kohan, the series creator had this to say about Spektor:

"I listened to Regina's albums obsessively while writing the series, so I immediately thought of her for our theme song. I love Regina and I'm so grateful she agreed to do it. I had total faith in her and she nailed it. I think she's a genius."

For more on this, tour news and to hear the song, click here....


Regina Spektor Talks Cheap Seats; Being A Bond Villain, Performs On Colbert

Regina Spektor performed material from her new CD "What We Saw From The Cheap Seats" and did an interview on The Colbert Report.

It was obvious that she took a liking to Stephen and her laugh was very charming.  Her performance, as usual, was amazing.  She is so great!

The interview is just the bonus.  BTW, what we are told she said in Russian to Colbert is; "Stephen is a great guy, she loves him and we are all lucky to have him."

Check out the interview above and the performance below of "Small Town Moon" from her CD "What We Saw From The Cheap Seats" in stores now...if you can find them.-DocFB