Rivers Cuomo

Weezer Debuts New Song; Gets “Lost” With New CD Cover

Weezer has released a new song entitled “Memories” and debuted the CD cover in the process. Fans of “Lost” should be pleased. The title of the CD is “Hurley” so they are featuring the lost character Hurley as the CD cover in all his glory.  Hugo “Hurley” Reyes is played by the actor Jorge Garcia.  […]

Weezers Rivers Cuomo In Bus Accident

Lead singer of Weezer, Rivers Cuomo was in a bus accident this morning that has landed him in the hospital. Weezer was traveling from Toronto, Ontario to Boston, MA for a show that was to take place tomorrow but that show is all but cancelled now. The back end of the bus slipped on ice […]

Video~ The Weezer Snuggie!

Introducing The Weezer Snuggie with their new single “Ratitude” as well! Think I am joking? Watch the video. Thank You Rivers Cuomo.-Dr.FB

Trent Reznor Disses Prince And Rivers Cuomo

While Dr. FB is out practicing his golfing skills, I thought I’d post something that is sure to spark up a good conversation. Just recently Trent sat down with Digg.com founder Kevin Rose to answer some of his user’s top questions.  The interview was very interesting but in the end Nine Inch Nails fans felt misrepresented , […]