Video Premiere: Kanye West Runaway (Uncensored)

Here it is. The return of Kanye West with his video "Runaway" in it's 30 plus minute video form.

There is other songs from his upcoming CD ""My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" which will be released on November 22nd.

What is every one's fascination with ballerina's all of a sudden?  Ha!

Check it out above and let me know what you think.-.D.FB


Video: Kanye West Performs “Runaway” At MTV Video Music Awards NSFW!

Now that he has this out of his system, maybe we can get the Kanye West performance of old?

I kind of wanted Jamie Foxx to come out and do a little bit of "Gold Digger" to kick it off.  There was so much tension during his performance.  I did like his matching shoes outfit.

Kanye really seems like an artist at war with himself, from his Twitter rants last week to this performance. 

Sometimes, simplicity rules all.  He wants everyone to know that moment last year should not define him.  Taylor Swift said the same the thing earlier in her performance.  With simplicity.  

I do hope we can move on.  What did you think of Kanye's performance?-Dr.FB