San Diego

NFL Week 2: Are You Ready For Some Football?

OK, so here we are week 2 of the season and time for me to make more predictions or what not…just for fun. Let’s see if anything I said last week is true yet; I said Tom Brady would be Tom Brady and he has. I said Donavon McNabb would get hurt sometime this season […]

Megan Fox Premieres “Jennifer’s Body” At Comic-Con

So Megan Fox debuted her new movie “Jennifer’s Body” at Comic-Con. So, basically, everyone who was going to see her movie just did. Comic book geeks are going to be the only ones wanting to see this movie that just looks really bad. I will wait for cable or whatever for it. Yes, she still […]

Gwen Stefani Still Is No Hollaback Girl

Here is another shot of Gwen Stefani rocking the stage in San Diego last weekend.  For more photos of Gwen go HERE. Hope you like.-Dr.FB For a bigger photo of this shot>>>>>