A Sneak Peak Of Tonight’s Season Premiere of “Vampire Diaries”

Here is a preview of tonight's season premiere of "Vampire Diaries" on the CW.

So to recap, Damon wants Elana, Elana wants Stephan and Stephan wants anyone's neck. It is what all birthday parties are like, right?-DocFB

Diagnosis: Love Really Does Bite


Ellen & Target Hook Elementary School Up With $100,000


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We like Ellen. We like her because she is cool and because she is a genuine good person.

On her season premiere, she hooked up an Elementary school principal with a $100,000 courtesy of Target. Principal Sherrie uses her own money and donations to provide for kids at her school that are homeless.

Target also hooked them up with a backback full of school supplies and books.

We are glad Ellen is back. Most people for their season premiere would have had a chockfull of guests, but aside from Ashton Kutcher, Sherrie and her kids were the main focal point.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Be Good To Each Other.....


Attention Gleeks!!!!!!!!

Glee is almost here.  In just a few hours, the Glee season 2 premiere will be here.

Are you looking forward to it?-Dr.FB


Katy Perry To Perform On Saturday Night Live; Talks “Peacock”

Katy Perry will be musical performer on Saturday Night Live's season premiere as Amy Poehler will be hosting. 

Also Katy perry talks about her song "Peacock" which the chorus is "I want to see your peacock cock cock" and I have been hearing about kids singing the song...thinking it actually is about the bird.   Oh man.

Here is Katy above explaining the song.  Somehow....no matter how convincing she seems to be...we don't believe her.

The Saturday Night Live season premiere airs September 25th.-Dr.FB


Lost The Final Season Premiere


Did you all see the season premiere of "Lost" last night? 

What did you think?  Any more surprises you think are in store? 

Let us know!!!-Dr.FB


Whitney Houston Oprah Interview Preview

Whitney Houston & Oprah.  Photo: Oprah.com
Whitney Houston & Oprah.  Photo: Oprah.com

Whitney Houston & Oprah. Photo: Oprah.com

Whitney Houston sold over 350,000 copies last week to debut at number 1. Now, the Oprah interview which Oprah claims is going to be one of the biggest interviews of all time for her show.

It will be a 2 day event airing both today and tomorrow. I have it DVR's. It remains to be seen if I will be able to watch it later today however.

So, do you plan on watching the Oprah/Whitney Interview?-Dr.FB


Video: Trailer For New Season Of “Smallville”

Here is the trailer for the new season of Smallville as Clark Kent becomes one step closer from being a Superboy to a Superman. Hard to believe this is a TV show when some of the special effects and stuff they use. Is that Brian Austin Green? Yes it is.

What do you think of the trailer?-Dr.FB


Megan Fox To Host Saturday Night Live

Megan Fox. Photo: TheInsider.com
Megan Fox. Photo: TheInsider.com

Megan Fox. Photo: TheInsider.com

In a little over a month, Saturday Night Live will be returning to the air. With it, Megan Fox will be there as your guest host.

Saturday Night Live was the shhhh last year. I hope it continues it's role with a slew of good guest hosts, memorable musical artists, and great writing and sketches.

She will be hosting to promote her new movie "Jennifer's Body" which is going to bomb come out shortly after. There will be a digital short with Andy Samberg on the show as well. The musical artists for the show has not been announced yet.

Megan Fox & Saturday Night Live September 26th. It really is a can't miss.-Dr.FB


John & Kate Plus 8 Season Premiere

John & Kate Plus 8.  Photo: TLC
John & Kate Plus 8.  Photo: TLC

John & Kate Plus 8. Photo: TLC

John & Kate Plus 8's season premiere was last night.