SNL’s Fred Armisen To Lead Late Night With Seth Myers Band

The Late Night Band Fred Armisen

Fred Armisen, more famous for his comedic skills than guitar playing, has been picked to be the band leader of Late Night With Seth Myers.

When doing his comedy routine, Fred has always incorporated guitar into it and has a genuine love for music.

Seth almost chose a DJ over a live band but chose the live band to create energy on the show.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Interesting pick.....good luck Fred!


“New Years Eve” Featurette Hits The Internets

This "New Years Eve" movie really does have more celebrities in it than a rehab clinic.

With a cast featuring Abigal Breslin, Alyssa Milano, Ashton Kutcher, Carla Gugino, Halle Berry, Hilary Swank, Ice Cube, Jessica Biel, Jon Bon Jovi, Josh Duhamel, Katherine Heigl, Lea Michelle, Ludacris, Michele Pheiffer, New Movie, New Years Eve, Robert De Niro, Sarah Jessica Parker, Seth Myers, Sofia Vergara, Zac Efron and more, it is sure to catch people's eyes, but will it draw them in with all the different storylines?

Check out the featurette above and let us know if it is going to be on your to do list this New Years Eve....-DocFB

Diagnosis:  Partying Like It's.....2011?


New Movie “New Years Eve” Has More Celebrities In It Than Rehab


Yes, I took the title from what Katherine Heigl says in "New Years Eve" the movie, but she is right.  Is that not good enough for you?  Must we name a majority of who is going to be in the movie?  Ok, here we go!

Ashton Kutcher, Robert De Niro, Katherine Heigl, Josh Duhamel, Carla Gugino, Zac Efron, Abigal Breslin, Jessica Biel, Seth Myers, Sofia Vergara, Alyssa Milano, Lea Michelle, Michele Pheiffer, Hilary Swank, Halle Berry, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jon Bon Jovi, Ice Cube and...more.  Whew. 

Check out the trailer and let us know what you think.  When was the last time an all-star cast movie was a box office hit?-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  5....4....3....2.....


Amy Poehler Will Miss Saturday Night Live. Has Baby Boy!

Amys Last SNL Skit Might Have Been Thursday.  File Photo
Amys Last SNL Skit Might Have Been Thursday.  File Photo

Amy's Last SNL Skit Might Have Been Thursday. File Photo

Amy Poehler just gave birth to a baby boy and will miss the live taping of Saturday Night Live. 

Seth Myers will have to do Weekend Update alone like back in the day when Dennis Miller used to do it. 

On another note, Maya Rudolph, who left the cast last year, will return ala Tina Fey to play Michelle Obama. 

Amy said she would leave Saturday Night Live after her baby is born so Thursday Weekend Update was her last appearance.-Dr.FB


Sarah Palin On SNL PT. 2 The Palin Rap

Here is Sarah Palin's appearance on Saturday Night Live, which was done on the weekend update portion of the show.