Smashing Pumpkins

Video: Smashing Pumpkins Perform “Today”

Billy Corgan and the “Smashing Pumpkins” performed on Record Store Day for Amoeba Records yesterday.  I had to put “Smashing Pumkins” in quotes because it’s by name only without the others there.  The show was open to anyone as long as you got there early and had $30.  Billy made sure the fans did not […]

Jessica Simpson Is A Woman Of “Extraordinary Measures”

Jessica Simpson. Photo:

Jessica Simpson attended the premiere of “Extraordinary Measures” last night in Los Angeles. We are glad she covered up and did not expose her Golden Globes, like she did last week.  She looked beautiful and chick, aside from her bra showing through her outfit, but what can she do? Jessica also took to let people […]

Jessica Simpson’s Hotness Holds Off The Cold

Jessica Simpson braved the cold last night in Beverly Hills  (and trust us, a few hours later, it was close to freezing temps close to her house in the San Fernando Valley) and put on a smile for paps. Jessica dined at Mr. Chow’s with her longtime friend and hairstylist Ken Paves. She looked hot and […]

Tinted Windows Perform At The Troubadour

James Iha From Tinted Windows. Photo: C.B. For Here are some exclusive photos sent into us by a fan of the site of two of the more high profile members of Tinted Windows. Taylor Hanson from the group Hanson about 10 years or more and James Iha of The Smashing Pumpkins.  Fans of the […]