Photo Of The Moment: Oh My Stars & Garters! Britney Spears Gets Intimate!

Our photo of the moment is of Britney Spears posing in her intimate collections lingerie. Britney never made antique furniture look so sexy! Stocking and gold high heels? Yea, we dig it! 200+ countries are selling Britney’s intimate collection line.-DocFB Diagnosis: Huge no-prize for anyone who caught The Beast X-Men catchphrase in the title!

Adriana Lima Wearing Almost Nothing But A Smile

Adriana Lima. Photo: V Magazine

Adriana Lima is on the cover of V magazine and girl is rather uncovered herself.  Wearing nothing but panties, garters and stockings, Christmas is coming….early that is. The magazine’s V is protecting her top from being viewed unfortunately.  I thought the letter V was my friend.  After this photo, I am no so sure.  I […]

Since When Did Kathy Griffin Get All Sexy n Stuff?

Kathy Griffin. Photo: Ruiz

Kathy Griffin released this picture late last night via Twitter with this message: Look at my picture. LOOK AT IT!!! You’ve been a VERY bad boy…or girl…or transgendered person. (photo by the amazing Mike Ruiz) Wow.  I mean I never thought Kathy Griffin looked like Peter Griffin but she does look kind of hot with that […]

Taylor Momsen Gets Caught In The Fishnets

Taylor Momsen was looking a lil less….provocative on the Gossip Girl set then she was last week when she took the stage in a pair of stockings and garters. I wanted to use the word slutty but I felt using that word for a 16 year old was just wrong. I don’t see that much […]

Is Taylor Momsen Pretty Reckless?

OK, so when you are looking at these photos of Gossip Girl star turned singer Taylor Momsen with her band the Pretty Reckless, what are you thinking? You think she looks hot? Loving the garters and stockings? What if I told you she was 16? What would you think then? I think I remember girls […]