Behind The Scenes Of The Katy Perry Project

Check out some footage of the Katy Perry Project including some footage from her upcoming "Firework" video.

This message is NOT brought to you by T-Mobile.-Dr.FB


Video: Hey Jude Sing-A-Long

This took place on Saturday and is another of the random videos being put together as commercials for T-Mobile. This is what they had to say:

The exclusive 4 minute extended version of the moment 13,500 people spontaneously sang Hey Jude together in Trafalgar Square. Everyone involved arrived thinking they could be dancing - no-one had any idea how the event would unfold.

Regardless, pretty cool. Yes, that is Pink in the crowd as she performed this weekend at the o2 arena.-Dr.FB


After DUI Arrest & Releases, Charles Barkley Stays Silent

Is Charles Smiling Now?  File Photo
Is Charles Smiling Now?  File Photo

Is Charles Smiling Now? File Photo

Sir Charles Barkley was arrested new years eve in Arizona for a DUI.  If only Charles was silent then as he was now, he might not be so much lighter in the pockets.

Charles started talking to the officers about a girl was around the corner that gives the best oral sex ever.  He went on and on about it, maybe thinking the cops would be cool about it, but they were not.  They arrested him and released him a little bit later.

There even appeared footage of a woman waiting around the corner, looking like either a hooker or street walker, or both. 

After the results came back that he was drunk and twice the legal limit of Arizona state law, TNT suspended Charles for several weeks.  T-Mobile waited a little while longer, but then let Charles go from his commercial deal.  Wonder what Dwayne Wade thinks.  Well, actually he has his hands full with an ex-wife and STD claims.  But that is another story.

So what did Charles teach us? If you get drunk and the officer says you have the right to remain silent, maybe you just should.-Dr.FB


Adrienne Bailon Photo Scandal: Playboy Offers $100,000

Adrienne Bailon Coming To Playboy Soon?  File Photo
Adrienne Bailon Coming To Playboy Soon?  File Photo

Adrienne Bailon Coming To Playboy Soon? File Photo

The Adrienne Bailon Nude Photo Scandal has taken two interesting turns.

1st, her old assistant says that the photos were planned to be leaked all along and came from her T-Mobile Sidekick, NOT her laptop computer.  The assistant said with Cheetah Girls ending soon, she wanted to sex up her image.

2nd, Playboy has stepped up to the table and offered Adrienne $100,000 to pose nude for Playboy. 

My thoughts?  Wether they were leaked on purpose or not, the photos are out there.  One way to make the photos not a big deal?  Pose nude for Playboy.  You will get money for your backside being put all over the Internets.  I am sure after this week, a lot more people know who Adrienne is.  Use this to your advantage and it obviously will get you more exposure for roles. 

It is easy for me to say, but I think you should do it.  Heaven knows, you are beautiful, but it is your body, your decision.-Dr.FB