Boyd Tinsley Of Dave Matthews Band Talks New Movie, DMB T-Shirts, & Upcoming Tour

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Boyd Tinsley of Dave Matthews Band stopped by our friends at Good Day L.A. to talk about his new movie "Faces In The Mirror", DMB tour dates, and the DMB t-shirt line.

The DMB t-shirts are very cool and look to be made with VERY good material. The t-shirts were ones that were sold at their concerts and some new ones made specific for the new line, including lyrics from some of the band's most popular songs.

Tinsley also talks that he really wanted to play guitar over the violin when he first started out.

The t-shirts are in the mid $30 range and the hoodies in the $70 dollar range.

The t-shirts will be coming to Bloomingdale's and Fred Segal stores soon.-DocFB

Make sure to check out the Dave Matthews Band web site as well.


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