Michelle Mcgee’s Ex Husband: She Was Obsessed With Jesse James~ Video

OK, this is crazy! She is a total starf*****!!!! Michelle Mcgee was obsessed with Jesse James and she got her man and ruined his marriage and life. 

She was either going to be famous or take him down.  Looks like she did both.

Michelle says the first time she ever met Jesse that they had sex.  OK, am I the only one thinking if he had sex with her the same day he met her, there has to be others????

Watch the "bombshell" interview above and let me know what you think.-Dr.FB


Gary Coleman Brings The Crazy! Video~

Gary Coleman was on "The Insider" yesterday and things got crazy when defending abusing his wife. He told one of the female hosts "to go f*** themselves" and things went crazy from there as Gary stormed off the set.

Check out the clip above and let me know what you think. Did she provoke him?-Dr.FB


Video: Nancy Grace Puts Jon Gosselin In His Place

Check oput this video of nancy Grace going off on Jon Gosselin and his selfishness. Wow. I agree with Nancy Grace? I must be getting sick.

What do you guys think?-Dr.FB